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Your Sport is Yours: Intellectual Property of New Sports Submissions

This article explores the concept of intellectual property when it comes to submitting new sports. It aims to provide clarity and assurance to individuals who are concerned about losing control over their ideas.


Are you passionate about creating and promoting new sports? At Auralpressure, we understand your enthusiasm and want to support you in your endeavors. Our Newly Created Sports section is a platform for individuals to showcase their innovative sports ideas. However, we also acknowledge the concerns some may have regarding the protection of their intellectual property.

Submitting New Sports: A Creative Journey

When you submit your new sport on Auralpressure, it’s important to know that you retain full ownership of your idea. We give credit to the submitter by clearly mentioning their name and the date of submission. Our intention is not to claim any legal rights over your sport. Instead, we want to provide you with a public space to share your creation and establish yourself as the inventor.

Avoiding Duplication: Check Before You Submit

Before submitting your sport, it’s advisable to check if a similar sport already exists. While our platform showcases a wide range of sports, it’s highly unlikely that someone has already created the exact sport you have in mind. However, it’s possible that someone may have suggested a similar idea or is using the same name. In such cases, we will inform you and guide you towards making your submission stand out.

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The Benefits of Submitting on Auralpressure

Submitting your new sport on Auralpressure is completely free. There are no hidden costs or obligations involved. In fact, there’s everything to gain from sharing your sport with our enthusiastic community. By utilizing our platform, you can kickstart the promotion of your sport. However, in the long term, we recommend creating your own website to establish a dedicated online presence for your creation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will I lose ownership of my sport if I submit it on Auralpressure?

No, submitting your sport on Auralpressure does not transfer ownership to us. You retain full control and credit for your creation.

Q: What if someone has already created a similar sport?

While it’s unlikely, we will notify you if we find a similar sport or name. We encourage you to make your submission unique and distinctive.

Q: Is there a fee for listing my sport on Auralpressure?

No, listing your sport on Auralpressure is completely free of charge.

Q: Should I rely solely on Auralpressure for promoting my sport?

While Auralpressure is a great starting point, we recommend creating your own dedicated website to establish a strong online presence for your sport.


At Auralpressure, we value your creativity and understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property. By submitting your new sport on our platform, you can showcase your unique ideas to a passionate community. Remember, you retain complete ownership of your creation. So, what are you waiting for? Join us at Auralpressure and let the world discover your innovative sports.

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