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Yo-Yo Intermittent Test: A Comprehensive Overview

Are you looking to improve your aerobic endurance and boost your fitness levels? The Yo-Yo Intermittent Test might be just what you need. This test, similar to the Yo-Yo endurance test, incorporates short active breaks to challenge your stamina. In this article, we’ll explore the different versions and levels of the test, along with top scores achieved by various sports and athletes.

What is the Yo-Yo Intermittent Test?

The Yo-Yo Intermittent Test is a variation of the beep test, designed to measure aerobic endurance. Unlike the continuous beep test, this test includes intervals of short active breaks. There are two levels of the test, each with different starting speeds and increments. This means there are four possible Yo-Yo intermittent tests that can be performed. However, it’s important to note that results often fail to mention which version was used.

Top Scores and Comparing Results

Comparing scores from different individuals and reports can be challenging since not all specify which version of the test was used. Additionally, different sources have varying ways of reporting the results, sometimes using total distance covered and other times using the number of levels and shuttles. To get a clearer understanding, it’s recommended to refer to the page on Yo-Yo Intermittent Test Levels for more information.

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Let’s take a look at some notable scores achieved in different sports:

Football / Soccer – Males

  • Chennai City FC yo-yo test during pre-season had a passing mark at 21 compared to the cricket team’s 17.
  • Malaysian midfielder D. Kenny Palraj scored the highest reading in the Yo-Yo Test – Level 22.4.
  • The Malaysia Super League (MSL) adopted the Yo-Yo Test from 2013 to assess the fitness of players.

Football / Soccer – Females

  • Female Danish Premier League soccer players achieved a Yo-Yo IE2 performance of 1,213 m +/- 90 m.
  • Soccer legend Kristine Lilly set the record for the US Women’s National Team with 49 shuttles in the YYIRT.
  • Top-class female players recorded a performance level of 1600.

AFL – Men

  • In the second year of the Yo-Yo Test at the AFL combine, Ned McHenry achieved the best score of 22.2.
  • Andrew Brayshaw reached level 22.4, the best score in the inaugural Yo-Yo Test.

AFL – Women

  • Bridie Kennedy topped the Yo-Yo Test at level 17.3 in the first-ever women’s AFL combine.

Rugby League

  • Melbourne Storm player Cameron Munster scored 18.4 in the Yo-Yo Test.
  • Melbourne Storm players recorded scores ranging from 1480m to 2400m in a research study.

Rugby Union

  • Josua Vici scored the highest score of 22 in the Yo-Yo Test for the Fijian national 7s squad.
  • The Hurricanes rugby team had impressive pre-season Yo-Yo test results, with players reaching scores of up to 20.4.

These are just a few examples of the scores achieved in different sports. Many more athletes from various disciplines have taken the Yo-Yo Intermittent Test, showcasing their endurance and determination.

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Q: How does the Yo-Yo Intermittent Test differ from the Yo-Yo endurance test?
A: The Yo-Yo Intermittent Test includes short active breaks, while the Yo-Yo endurance test is continuous.

Q: How many versions of the Yo-Yo Intermittent Test are there?
A: There are four possible Yo-Yo intermittent tests, categorized into two levels, each with different starting speeds and increments.

Q: Can you provide more information on the Yo-Yo Test scores in specific sports?
A: Scores can vary greatly depending on the sport, level of play, and individual performance. Refer to the respective sections in this article for more information on top scores achieved in different sports.


The Yo-Yo Intermittent Test is a versatile fitness test that challenges aerobic endurance. With its intermittent nature, it provides a unique and effective way to measure and improve stamina. Scores achieved in this test vary across sports and individuals, showcasing the remarkable fitness levels of athletes in different disciplines. Whether you’re a football player, rugby player, or even a basketball enthusiast, the Yo-Yo Intermittent Test can help you gauge and enhance your aerobic capacity.

To learn more about the Yo-Yo Intermittent Test and its applications in different sports, visit Auralpressure.com. Take the leap towards improving your endurance and reaching your fitness goals!