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World Record Beep Test: The Ultimate Test of Endurance Fitness

Are you ready to push your limits and test your aerobic endurance? Look no further than the beep test, also known as the Multistage Shuttle Run Test or MSFT. This popular test is widely used by team sports and school groups to assess endurance fitness. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the world record attempts for the most number of participants in a beep test at one time. Let’s dive in!

The Greatest Number of Beep Test Participants at One Venue

The first recorded attempt at the Guinness World Record for the most number of beep test participants took place in 2008 in Ballarat, Australia, with an unofficial result of 412 participants. In 2010, a Canadian school set the official benchmark with 324 participants.

If you’re considering attempting a Guinness World Record, there are certain guidelines to follow. The event should be videotaped, and all participant’s performances should be clearly logged and verified by independent witnesses. For more specific instructions, you can check with the Guinness World Records.

Record Attempt Timeline (most recent first)

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the remarkable record attempts for the most participants in a beep test:

  • 2017 – December 14: AFC Harrogate in the UK achieved an impressive record of 941 participants as part of their graduation week.
  • 2016 – May 15: 805 soldiers from Tidworth and Bulford on Salisbury Plain participated in a record-breaking mass beep test. Organized by ABF The Soldiers Charity, this record is subject to official confirmation.
  • 2015 – September 17: Staff and students of Scotch College in Perth, Western Australia, made a record attempt.
  • 2015 – June 19: Military personnel from RAF Honington in Suffolk, England, set a new Guinness Record with 593 participants.
  • 2014 – September 14: 650 runners from schools in Tasmania attempted the test, with 375 reaching the required level five.
  • 2014 – September 8: Hobart’s Hutchins boys school organized a record attempt, with 612 students and teachers successfully completing the test.
  • 2014 – April 29: King George V School in Hong Kong achieved a record of 575 beep test participants (confirmed Guinness World Record).
  • 2014 – Jan 26: Sandown Park, Sandy Bay, Tasmania, held a record attempt with 377 entrants. The last man standing was 18-year-old Mackenzie Reekie.
  • 2013 – October 24: Marymede Catholic College in Melbourne, Australia, set the Guinness World Record with 329 participants.
  • 2013 – Oct: Gladstone Park Secondary College in Victoria, Australia, attempted to break the beep test world record as a fund-raiser.
  • 2011 – Oct 7: Arbroath Academy in Angus, UK, made an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records with the participation of staff, pupils, college students, and the public.
  • 2011 – August 4: Smith’s Hill High School in Towradgi, NSW, gathered around 600 students to attempt the record.
  • 2010 – October 27: Lower Canada College set a Guinness World Records™ standard with 324 students completing the test.
  • 2008 – November: Ballarat & Clarendon College middle school attempted the world record with 412 participants. The best score was achieved by year 7 student Stuart McSweyn, who lasted until level 13.2.
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Q: What is the beep test?
A: The beep test, also known as the Multistage Shuttle Run Test or MSFT, is a test of endurance fitness that involves continuous running between two markers 20 meters apart.

Q: How can I attempt a Guinness World Record for the beep test?
A: To attempt a Guinness World Record, make sure you adhere to specific guidelines. The event should be videotaped, and all participants’ performances must be logged and verified by independent witnesses.

Q: Where can I find more information about the beep test records?
A: Auralpressure offers comprehensive information about beep test records and other fitness testing records. Visit Auralpressure for more details.


Push your limits and challenge yourself with the beep test, the ultimate test of endurance fitness. These world record attempts showcase the incredible achievements of participants worldwide. From the official record of 941 participants to other impressive attempts, the beep test continues to captivate and inspire. Are you ready to join the ranks of record-breakers? Lace up your running shoes and give it your all!

Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to testing your fitness and endurance. Stay tuned to Auralpressure for more updates on fitness testing and records.