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World Best: Number of Sit-Ups

The sit-up, also known as the abdominal curl, is a widely used fitness test to measure abdominal core strength. Participants are usually required to perform as many sit-ups as possible in one or two minutes. However, some individuals have taken on extreme challenges by attempting to break records for the most sit-ups performed within longer time intervals, ranging from one to 24 hours or even more.

Maximum Sit-Ups in a Minute

Sit-up tests typically last for one minute, with most participants achieving between 30 and 60 sit-ups within this time frame. Online records indicate that Mike Janko achieved 47 sit-ups in 30 seconds and 87 sit-ups in 60 seconds in October 2016. Additionally, there is a reference to Mr. Ramu K. from Madurai, India, who performed 68 sit-ups in one minute at Army Camp, Srinagar on March 27, 2018. It is important to note that while these records are impressive, most world record attempts involve longer time periods.

1000 Sit-Ups

Fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne set the original benchmark for sit-ups by completing 1,033 sit-ups in 23 minutes, averaging approximately 44.9 sit-ups per minute.

Max Sit-Ups in 5 Minutes

Josh Clark, a fighter from Valhalla Combat Sports center, broke the world record by performing 305 sit-ups in five minutes at the Moon Plaza on April 11, 2020. This record-breaking attempt aimed to raise funds and generate publicity to support the gym amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Max Sit-Ups in 30 Minutes

David Begiashvili of Georgia performed an impressive 1,430 sit-ups in 30 minutes on July 25, 2011, surpassing the previous record of 1,337 sit-ups in 30 minutes held by Guy Schott of the USA since November 7, 2009.

Max Sit-Ups in an Hour

Several individuals have set remarkable hour-long sit-up records. In December 2013, James Clark completed 2,601 sit-ups in 58 minutes and 43 seconds to reclaim his record. On April 1, 2011, 60-year-old Vladimir Jurcik broke Jim Clark’s previous world record by achieving 2,238 sit-ups in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia. In 2009, Guy Schott of the USA performed 2,477 sit-ups in one hour at Sonoma County Family YMCA in Santa Rosa, California. James (Jim) Clark also achieved an impressive record of 2,201 sit-ups in one hour at the Mall of America on June 2, 2006.

Max Sit-Ups in 24 Hours

There have been numerous attempts to break the sit-up record for a 24-hour period. Freitas holds the current record, completing 133,986 sit-ups in 30 hours, surpassing his previous record of 111,000 sit-ups in 24 hours.

Maximum Total Number of Sit-Ups (Guinness World Record!)

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the record for the maximum number of sit-ups, regardless of the time period. Some of the recorded records include Steve Sokol’s 52,003 sit-ups.

Most People Doing Sit-Ups Simultaneously

The record for the most people doing sit-ups simultaneously is 263, achieved by Sysmex Corporation (Japan) in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, on October 19, 2013. This record was set during the 45th anniversary celebrations of the company’s foundation.

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Q: Are these records officially verified?
A: While most of the records mentioned in this article have been obtained from various sources, not all of them have been officially verified. The technique used and the use of abdominal frames in some instances may make comparisons between records challenging.

Q: Is there a record for the most sit-ups done using an abdominal frame?
A: Sit-up records achieved using an abdominal frame show significantly higher numbers than those without. For example, Ashrita achieved 8,555 sit-ups using an abdominal frame in Paris on March 24, 2004, while Norwegian Bård Botten completed around 12,000 sit-ups in April 2007.


Breaking records for the number of sit-ups performed requires exceptional physical endurance and core strength. From one-minute challenges to hour-long attempts and even 24-hour feats, individuals continue to push their limits in pursuit of achieving remarkable sit-up records. These records inspire and motivate fitness enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the incredible potential of the human body.

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