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Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is an intelligence test that measures aptitude for adapting to various situations. Developed in 1936 by E.F. Wonderlic, this test consists of a 12-minute, 50-question exam. It follows a multiple-choice format with increasing difficulty.

NFL Testing

Since the 1970s, the Wonderlic intelligence test has been administered to prospective players at the National Football League (NFL) Combine. The average Wonderlic score for NFL players is around 19, with quarterbacks averaging 24. Pat McInally, a player from Harvard, is rumored to be the only player to achieve a perfect score of 50, although this claim is disputed. In contrast, in 2006, Texas quarterback Vince Young scored a six, which is considered low for any player, especially for a quarterback.

Average Scores

According to an NFL source, here are the reported average Wonderlic scores by position:

  • Offensive tackles: 26
  • Centers: 25
  • Quarterbacks: 24
  • Guards: 23
  • Tight Ends: 22
  • Safeties: 19
  • Middle linebackers: 19
  • Cornerbacks: 18
  • Wide receivers: 17
  • Fullbacks: 17
  • Halfbacks: 16

Some Selected Scores

Here are some notable reported Wonderlic scores achieved by players during the NFL Combine. It’s important to note that these scores cannot be officially verified, as results are not released. The following list combines information from various online sources:

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Other Notable Athlete Scores

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Some of the Lowest Scores Ever

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  1. How long is the Wonderlic test?
    The Wonderlic test lasts for 12 minutes.

  2. Who developed the Wonderlic test?
    The Wonderlic test was developed by E.F. Wonderlic in 1936.

  3. What is the average Wonderlic score for NFL players?
    The average Wonderlic score for NFL players is approximately 19.

  4. Can a quarterback score a perfect 50 on the Wonderlic test?
    Although there is dispute, it is rumored that Pat McInally from Harvard achieved a perfect score of 50 on the Wonderlic test. However, this claim is not universally accepted.

  5. What is considered a low score on the Wonderlic test for a quarterback?
    A score of six on the Wonderlic test is considered low for any player, especially for a quarterback.


In summary, the Wonderlic test is an intelligence test used to measure aptitude for adapting to different situations. The test has been administered at the NFL Combine since the 1970s, with average scores varying by position. While there are some notable scores, it’s important to note that these are unofficial and cannot be officially verified. The Wonderlic test provides valuable insights into the cognitive abilities of NFL players and helps inform selection decisions. To learn more about the NFL draft camp and other related topics, continue exploring our website.

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