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Wingate Arm Crank Test

The Wingate Arm Crank Test, also known as the Upper-Body Wingate Anaerobic Test, is a valuable assessment of upper body strength and power. This test is particularly useful for athletes involved in sports that require strong upper body performance, such as boxing or wheelchair sports.


The purpose of the Wingate Arm Crank Test is to measure upper body strength and power. By evaluating peak and average power output, athletes and trainers can gain insights into an individual’s anaerobic capacity and performance potential.

Equipment Required

To conduct the Wingate Arm Crank Test, you will need the following equipment:

  • Stopwatch
  • Arm cranking ergometer with adjustable cranks and braking load

It is worth noting that the specific arm cranking ergometer required for this test may not be readily available. However, it is possible to modify a cycle setup with an SRM power crankset to achieve comparable results.

Pre-Test Procedures

Before conducting the test, it is crucial to ensure the subject’s safety and obtain informed consent. Perform a screening of health risks and record basic information such as age, height, body weight, and gender. Additionally, make sure the subject is adequately warmed up and calibrate the ergometer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Equipment Preparation

To optimize the test conditions, it is essential to adjust the arm crank setup to best suit the athlete. This involves adjusting the height of the arm ergometer’s central axis and crank-arm length to optimal lengths. Additionally, set the resistance load to achieve the maximum power output, considering factors such as training status and gender. Make sure to record these details along with the test results.

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Test Procedure

During the test, the subject sits comfortably in front of the arm crank ergometer. They are instructed to crank as fast as possible at maximum speed for 30 seconds. It is crucial to emphasize that they should not adopt any pacing strategies but rather crank maximally with each revolution.


The Wingate Arm Crank Test provides valuable data on peak and average upper body power. Peak power is typically reached within the first three to five seconds of work and is measured in watts. These scores can also be normalized by dividing them by body weight to determine relative power output. Additionally, a fatigue index can be calculated based on the percentage of power output reduction throughout the test.

Target Population

The Wingate Arm Crank Test is suitable for boxers and other athletes who rely on upper body strength and power. It is also an effective method for anaerobic assessment in wheelchair athletes.


To ensure the subject achieves their maximal score, it is essential to provide strong verbal encouragement throughout the test. This support can help them unleash their full potential and achieve optimal results.


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