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Who is Australia’s Greatest Athlete?

Australia is renowned for its exceptional sporting talent, producing numerous champions across various disciplines. While names like Ian Thorpe, Greg Norman, and Cathy Freeman may immediately come to mind, it’s worth exploring the possibility that the title of Australia’s greatest athlete could be claimed by someone from a different era.

One such athlete is Reginald ‘Snowy’ Baker, who was honored with induction into Australia’s sporting hall of fame. Baker’s remarkable achievement lies in his participation in an incredible total of 29 sports at the state or national level. He represented Australia in Rugby Union, swimming, polo, diving, and boxing. In fact, Baker remains the only Australian athlete to have competed in three sports at the Olympic Games, namely Diving, Boxing, and Swimming, all in 1908.

Rexona Australia’s Greatest Athlete

In 2009, a TV program called Rexona Australia’s Greatest Athlete was launched to determine who holds the title of Australia’s greatest. The concept of “greatest” is subjective, leading the creators of the show to focus on all-round fitness and sporting skill. Athletes were selected based on their exceptional skill levels in their respective sports, each with its own unique fitness demands. However, in this competition, they were required to excel in a broad range of fitness tests and skill challenges representing various sports.

Over the course of the series, each athlete faced 15 challenges in total. The ultimate winner was determined based on their overall performance across all 15 tasks. In each episode, competitors had to complete two challenges. Firstly, they were required to take on a skill challenge based on one of their opponents’ specialty sports. The second task assessed their general athletic ability, with a focus on physical attributes like strength, speed, and coordination.

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Interestingly, rugby league or union players have emerged victorious in every series of Rexona Australia’s Greatest Athlete so far. The first two series were won by NRL star Billy Slater. To learn more about each series, the challenges, the participating athletes, and the eventual winners, you can refer to the dedicated pages for Series 1 (2009), Series 2 (2010), and Series 3 (2011). Additionally, explore the discussions surrounding TV Athlete Challenges for further insights.

Wagga’s Greatest Athlete

In 2011, Wagga Wagga hosted a competition to determine its greatest athlete. The event witnessed Parramatta Eels halfback Cameron Breust emerge as the winner, followed by local sportsmen Ned Mortimer and Kyle McCarthy. To delve deeper into this particular event, you can find more information on the corresponding page.


Q: Who is considered Australia’s greatest athlete of all time?
A: While it is subjective to determine the greatest athlete of all time in Australia, notable contenders include Reginald ‘Snowy’ Baker, Ian Thorpe, Greg Norman, and Cathy Freeman. However, Rexona Australia’s Greatest Athlete TV show aims to identify the best all-round athlete based on their performance in a wide range of fitness tests and skill challenges.

Q: Are there any notable achievements by athletes in Rexona Australia’s Greatest Athlete competition?
A: Yes, the competition’s history highlights the dominance of rugby league or union players, with Billy Slater securing victory in the first two series. The show has provided a platform to showcase the exceptional skills and abilities of athletes across different sports.

Q: Where can I find more information about the challenges and winners of Rexona Australia’s Greatest Athlete series?
A: For detailed information on each series, including the challenges, participating athletes, and eventual winners, you can visit the dedicated pages for Series 1 (2009), Series 2 (2010), and Series 3 (2011).

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Australia’s sporting history is filled with extraordinary athletes who have left an indelible mark on their respective sports. While the title of Australia’s greatest athlete remains a matter of personal opinion, competitions like Rexona Australia’s Greatest Athlete provide a platform to celebrate and appreciate the incredible skills and abilities displayed by athletes across a wide range of disciplines.