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What Are the Most Played Sports in the World?

It’s always fascinating to explore the most played sports in the world. However, determining the exact rankings can be a challenging task due to various factors that come into play. Let’s delve into the subject and shed some light on the most popular sports globally.

Methodology and Results

A couple named Johann and Sandra attempted to identify the world’s most popular sport by reaching out to international federations of major sports. They requested estimates of the number of participants involved in each sport. While the results they obtained are available on their website, we’ve listed the top five sports according to their survey:

  • Volleyball – 998 million players
  • Basketball – 400 million players
  • Table Tennis – 300 million players
  • Soccer – 242 million players
  • Badminton – 200 million players

These rankings may surprise some people, and it’s important to consider the methodology used. Asking federations for estimates can be subjective and may not reflect the actual number of participants. Factors such as regional popularity and access to resources can influence these figures.

A Deeper Analysis

To provide a more comprehensive perspective, conducted a thorough analysis. Although they didn’t provide exact numbers, they focused on the popularity of sports in highly populated countries. Let’s explore the top three most played sports in the world based on their findings.

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Football (Soccer)

Football, also known as soccer, holds the title of the most popular sport in 57 countries worldwide. It boasts an enormous following in Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Germany, and the UK. Additionally, it ranks among the top three favorite sports in China, India, and Turkey, countries with massive populations. Football’s accessibility, as all you need is a ball to play, further solidifies its claim as the most played sport globally.


Although basketball is often associated with the United States, its popularity extends far beyond its borders. China, for instance, has embraced basketball passionately, with the sport being widely played in schools, colleges, and both amateur and professional leagues. When considering the significant number of basketball players in China, along with the sport’s popularity in countries like the USA, Russia, and Indonesia, it’s reasonable to consider basketball as a strong contender for the second most played sport worldwide.


In India, the second most populous country globally, cricket reigns as the most popular sport. With an estimated 1.1 billion people, India’s love for cricket is unmatched. Moreover, Pakistan and Sri Lanka also hold cricket in high regard, and it ranks among the top three favorite sports in the UK and Malaysia. The combination of cricket’s popularity in heavily populated countries and its minimal equipment requirements make it one of the world’s most played sports.


Q: How were the rankings for the most played sports determined?

A: The rankings were established through various surveys and analyses, including interactions with international federations and assessments of sports’ popularity in highly populated countries.

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Q: Is volleyball really the most played sport?

A: While the survey from Johann and Sandra suggests that volleyball has the highest number of players, it’s essential to consider the potential limitations of their methodology. Other factors, such as regional popularity, can influence the rankings.

Q: What makes football the most played sport in the world?

A: Football’s universal appeal, minimal equipment requirements, and the sheer number of countries where it is the most popular sport contribute to its status as the most played sport globally.


Determining the world’s most played sports can be challenging, as it requires considering various factors. While surveys and federations’ estimates provide some insights, the popularity of sports in heavily populated countries is another crucial aspect to consider. Football (soccer), basketball, and cricket emerge as the top contenders for the most played sports worldwide. Football’s accessibility and global following, combined with basketball’s popularity in countries like China, and cricket’s strong presence in India and other cricket-loving nations, make these three sports deserving of recognition. So, whether you’re a football fanatic or a cricket enthusiast, there’s no denying the global impact of these popular sports.

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