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What Sets Apart the BDO from the PDC in the World of Darts?

The world of professional darts is unique in that it is divided into two major organizations: the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and the Professional Darts Council (PDC). In this article, we will explore the differences between these two organizations and shed light on their respective championships, players, prestige, TV coverage, and much more.

Why Are There Two Professional Darts Organizations, the PDC and BDO?

Originally, darts had a single governing body, the British Darts Organisation (BDO). Founded in 1973, the BDO spearheaded the sport’s growth and popularity, organizing the first-ever darts world championship in 1978. However, by the early 1990s, the game started losing appeal due to declining TV coverage and a negative public image.

In response to these challenges, 16 top players formed the World Darts Council, now known as the PDC, in 1992. The PDC secured a groundbreaking broadcasting deal with Sky Sports, which revitalized the sport, attracting more sponsors and players. Legal disputes between the BDO and PDC ensued, leading to a clear division between the two organizations.

The Distinctions Between the BDO and the PDC

While both the BDO and the PDC are professional darts organizations with recognized tournaments and world championships, there are some significant differences that set them apart:

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Quality of Players

Experienced commentators, viewers, and fans generally agree that the PDC attracts top-quality players compared to the BDO. Averages from the 2015 world championships support this, as all players in the PDC event achieved 100+ averages from the quarterfinals onwards, whereas no player managed a 100+ average in the BDO championship. The PDC’s higher prize money and sponsorship opportunities make it more appealing to elite players.

Prestige of World Title

As a result of the higher standard of play in the PDC, its World Championship title holds greater prestige in the world of darts. However, some still regard the BDO’s version of the title as more prestigious, considering it was the first established organization.

TV Coverage

The BDO’s World Championships receive significant TV coverage, but the PDC has a long-standing partnership with Sky Sports, which televises numerous darts events throughout the year. Outside of the UK, both organizations have televised events, but the PDC tends to have a greater presence.

Women’s World Championships

Since 2001, the BDO has hosted a Women’s World Championship, showcasing the talents of female darts players. The PDC, on the other hand, has only organized one event for women, which took place in 2009.

In summary, the BDO and the PDC are distinct entities that govern professional darts, each with its own championships, players, and level of prestige. While the PDC has gained more prominence in recent years, both organizations continue to contribute to the growth and excitement of the sport. To explore further, visit the official website of Auralpressure.com for comprehensive darts coverage and updates.

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Q: How many world darts championships are there?
A: There are two concurrent darts world championships annually, one hosted by the BDO and the other by the PDC.

Q: Which organization has higher-quality players, BDO or PDC?
A: The PDC generally attracts top-quality players due to higher prize money and sponsorship opportunities.

Q: Does the PDC have more TV coverage than the BDO?
A: Yes, the PDC has a longstanding TV deal with Sky Sports, resulting in more televised events throughout the year.

Q: Does the BDO have a Women’s World Championship?
A: Yes, the BDO has hosted a Women’s World Championship since 2001, while the PDC only organized one event for women in 2009.


In the world of professional darts, the BDO and the PDC are the two major organizations that govern the sport. While the BDO had a head start, the PDC emerged as a force to be reckoned with, attracting top players and securing significant TV coverage. The PDC’s World Championship carries more prestige, and the organization consistently brings together high-quality players, thanks to its lucrative prize money and sponsorship opportunities. Despite their differences, both organizations contribute to the exciting world of darts and host their own world championships. For the latest updates on darts and more, visit Auralpressure.com.

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