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Auralpressure’s Guide to Wallyball Rules

Wallyball, also known as “rebound volleyball,” is a thrilling and fast-paced sport that caters to both men and women of all ages. This game, which shares many similarities with traditional volleyball, has its own unique set of rules, techniques, and strategies that make it an exciting and demanding sport. In this article, we will delve into the rules of Wallyball and provide you with everything you need to know to get started.

Object of the Game

The objective of Wallyball is simple: outscore your opponents by earning more points. Just like in regular volleyball, players aim to hit the ball over the net and into their opponent’s court. However, in Wallyball, players have the additional advantage of using the walls to their advantage. This dynamic gameplay requires a high level of fitness and hand-eye coordination.

Players & Equipment

According to the American Wallyball Association, Wallyball can be played with two to four players per side, but variations exist for games with five or six players on each team. The equipment requirements for Wallyball are minimal, consisting only of a racquetball court, a net that stands 3 feet high, and a ball that measures between 25 and 27 inches and weighs between 9 and 10 ounces. A regular volleyball can be used as long as it meets these specifications.

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Scoring in Wallyball follows a system called speed scoring. Unlike traditional volleyball, where points can be earned on every rally, in Wallyball, points are only awarded when serving. Each team continues to score points until one team reaches the “freeze point,” which is three points lower than the total number of points needed to win the game. From that moment on, points can only be scored by the serving team.

Winning the Game

A Wallyball match is won when one team reaches the specified number of points required to win the game. The required number of points can be 15, 18, or 21, depending on the game format or tournament rules. It’s important to note that teams must win by a margin of two points, which means that some games may exceed the predetermined point limit.

Rules of Wallyball

To ensure a fair and enjoyable game, Wallyball has specific rules that players must follow. Here are some key rules to keep in mind:

  • All games are played until one team reaches the designated number of points, with a two-point lead to be declared the winner.
  • Games should be played on an official racquetball court, complete with proper markings and a net set at 3 feet.
  • Matches typically consist of the best two out of three games.
  • Players should wear appropriate attire, including shorts, t-shirts, and training shoes.
  • Each team is allowed two 30-second timeouts per game.
  • The serving team or choice of court side is determined by a coin toss before the match.
  • Service involves striking the ball with one hand or any part of the arm to send it into the opposition’s side of the net.
  • The ball is considered out of bounds if it hits the opposition’s back wall or the ceiling.
  • Players are not allowed to touch any part of the net while the ball is in play.
  • Each team has up to three touches before playing the ball over the net.
  • Holding, lifting, scooping, or carrying the ball is not allowed.
  • The defending team can block the ball during service or when the ball has been spiked or when three contacts have been made.
  • Sportsmanship is highly valued, and players are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.
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Q: What is the difference between Wallyball and traditional volleyball?
A: The key difference lies in the ability to use the walls in Wallyball, allowing for faster-paced gameplay and unique strategies compared to traditional volleyball.

Q: Can Wallyball be played with more than four players on each side?
A: Yes, the American Wallyball Association has expanded the rulebook to include games with five or six players per side.

Q: Can a regular volleyball be used in Wallyball?
A: Yes, as long as the ball meets the required specifications of being between 25 and 27 inches in circumference and weighing between 9 and 10 ounces.


Wallyball offers a thrilling and dynamic alternative to traditional volleyball, incorporating the use of walls for added excitement. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding the rules and strategies will enhance your experience on the court. So grab a team, hit the court, and enjoy the fast-paced action that Wallyball has to offer!

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