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Wagga’s Greatest Athlete?

Australia has a rich history of producing exceptional athletes, and the city of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales has played a significant role in cultivating sporting talent. Despite having a population of just 46,000 people, Wagga Wagga has produced an impressive number of elite athletes across various disciplines.

Cricketers such as Mark Taylor, Michael Slater, and Geoff Lawson, AFL players like Wayne Carey and Paul Kelly, Rugby League players Peter Sterling and the Mortimer brothers, Rugby Union players Nathan Sharpe and Nathan Hines, tennis player Tony Roche, golfer Steve Elkington, and Triathlon Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Brad Kahlefeldt are just a few of the athletes who hail from Wagga Wagga.


In 2011, an exciting competition took place to determine Wagga’s Greatest Athlete. Both local and international sportspeople from Wagga participated in a series of ten challenging events. The event, organized by local sports enthusiast Andrew Wild, was held on December 17th, 2011. The competition aimed to test the athletes’ endurance, power, speed, and skill.

The Sporting Challenges (not in order)

  • AFL goal kicking from 5 different positions
  • 50m swimming sprint knockout
  • 50m Running Sprint
  • Bench Press Maximum
  • Beep Test
  • Hockey challenge
  • Car push over 15m
  • Cricket – 6 balls from bowling machine on a good length – amount of runs scored
  • High Ball Challenge – Football shot out of a bowling machine straight up x5.
  • Ironman – Run/Swim aquathlon (200-m swim and 2-km run).
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Competing Athletes

  • Brad Kahlefeldt — International Triathlete
  • Joe Williams — former South Sydney Rabbitoh and now Boxer
  • Matt Suckling — Hawthorn AFL player
  • Adam Commons — former Australian Hockey player and current National Women’s Coach
  • Anthony McCraken — local boxer
  • Ben Absolum — Australian Touch Footballer and local AFL star
  • Ned Mortimer — GWS AFL contract player, son of Chris Mortimer
  • Marcus Smith — 3 x Hawaii Ironman
  • Cameron Breust — Parramatta Eels Rugby League
  • Ethan Bartlett — local cricket star (RSL Cricket Club)
  • Kyle McCarthy — local rugby league star
  • Brad Langtry — Local AFL star
  • Joey Swaysland — Tennis player (American College bound)
  • Dan Selmes — local Rugby Union Star
  • Luke Habel — Central Districts AFL star


Parramatta Eels halfback Cameron Breust emerged as the winner of the inaugural Wagga Greatest Athlete competition, overcoming tough competition from talented local sportsmen Ned Mortimer and Kyle McCarthy. Although Breust did not win an individual challenge, his consistent performance across all events made him a true all-rounder. Breust consistently finished in the top three in the 50-meter freestyle swim, bench press, hockey challenge, beep test, and aquathlon. Meanwhile, Wagga’s Olympic triathlete Brad Kahlefeldt stood out by winning the beep test and aquathlon, clinching victory in two challenges.


Q: What was the purpose of the competition?
A: The competition aimed to determine Wagga’s Greatest Athlete by putting local and international sportspeople to the test across various challenges.

Q: Who organized the competition?
A: The competition was organized by Andrew Wild, a passionate sports enthusiast from Wagga Wagga.

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Q: How many athletes participated in the competition?
A: A total of 14 athletes battled it out in the competition to prove themselves as Wagga’s Greatest Athlete.


The city of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia, has produced an impressive array of elite athletes across various sports disciplines. In 2011, the inaugural Wagga’s Greatest Athlete competition was held, attracting both local and international sportspeople. The competition consisted of ten challenging events that tested the athletes’ endurance, power, speed, and skill. Cameron Breust emerged as the winner, showcasing his all-round abilities and consistent performance throughout the competition. The event highlighted the exceptional sporting talent that originates from the city of Wagga Wagga.

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