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Vx the Sport

Vx, formerly known as Rock-It-Ball, is a unique and exciting sport that was created in 2006. Unlike traditional sports, Vx has no goals, zones, markings, or targets. Instead, it focuses solely on the opposition. Some describe it as “Dodgeball on steroids,” but Vx offers a distinct twist. In Vx, players have the freedom to move anywhere on the court, and being hit by a ball does not eliminate them from the game. Instead, players must acknowledge the hit by standing, looking at the referee, and raising their hand. The referee then records the point and allows the player to continue. This creates a game of honor, sportsmanship, and integrity.


Vx is a team game played in a sports hall, roughly the size of four badminton courts. Two teams, each consisting of five players, compete against each other. During the game, five balls are in play. One team starts at one end of the court, while the other starts at the other end. Once the balls are kicked into play, players can move freely across the entire court.

Each player carries a VstiX, a control bar with a thrower/catcher at each end. Players “dribble” by rocking the ball from one end to the other. Points are scored by hitting an opponent with a ball (shoulders to feet), which earns one point. Catching an opponent’s shot scores two points. Any infringements result in a three-point penalty. The game consists of four quarters, each lasting four minutes.

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Vx also offers variations such as V2 and V4. V2 is a singles game played on a squash court with three balls, while V4 is a doubles game played on a squash court with four balls. Both variations have two periods of four minutes.


To play Vx, you need VstiX (control bars with thrower/catcher ends), score counters, and balls.

Similar Sports

If you enjoy Vx, you may also be interested in these similar sports:

  • Dodgeball: Teams throw balls at each other while trying to avoid being hit.
  • Guts: A disc sport derived from dodgeball, where players attempt to strike opponents with a frisbee.


Q: Is Vx a male-only sport?
A: No, Vx is a mixed sport that welcomes both males and females on an equal basis. There are no gender ratios, allowing anyone to participate.

Q: Can disabled individuals play Vx?
A: Absolutely! Vx is accessible to disabled individuals and has had a significant impact in schools. Its inclusive nature allows everyone to enjoy the sport.

Q: How has Vx gained popularity over the years?
A: Vx has experienced remarkable growth since its creation. It went from being non-existent to being taught in thousands of schools across the UK. Today, it is expanding into universities, colleges, leisure centers, prisons, the military, PCTs, and youth organizations. Vx has also made its mark internationally, with a presence in 24 countries and 14 National Governing Bodies.

Q: Does Vx offer opportunities for competition?
A: Yes, Vx provides various competition levels, including the Youth and Senior World Cups, which take place every four years, and the Singles World Cups, which occur annually.

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Vx, formerly known as Rock-It-Ball, is a thrilling sport that offers a unique twist on traditional team games. With its absence of goals, zones, markings, and targets, Vx focuses solely on competing against the opposition. Players have the freedom to move anywhere on the court, and being hit by a ball does not eliminate them from the game. Instead, players show their sportsmanship and integrity by acknowledging the hit to the referee. Vx has gained immense popularity, spreading to schools, universities, leisure centers, and various organizations worldwide. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a newcomer to sports, Vx offers inclusive and accessible gameplay for everyone. So grab a VstiX, gather your team, and experience the exhilaration of Vx!