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Vigoro – The Fascinating Blend of Cricket, Baseball, and Tennis

Vigoro, an exciting team sport, has captured the hearts of women in Australia, especially in New South Wales, Tasmania, and Queensland. Invented by Englishman John George Grant in 1901, Vigoro combines elements of cricket and tennis, with a touch of baseball. Although it originated as a mix of cricket and tennis, it has evolved into a unique game that is now played in various countries, including the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Objective and Gameplay

The objective of Vigoro is simple yet thrilling – score runs by hitting the ball and prevent the opposing team from doing the same. Played on a grass field, often a cricket oval, Vigoro involves two teams of 12 players each. The field is divided into two parts, with a batting crease at each end where the batters stand. Unlike cricket, the ball is bowled overarm, and the batters use tennis-style rackets to strike the ball. Another notable difference is the use of lighter balls in Vigoro compared to cricket.

The game progresses with two bowlers taking turns to bowl from one end, incorporating various throwing actions except underarm. If the ball is hit in front of the crease, the batter must run. The modes of dismissal are the same as in cricket, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the game.

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Fast-Paced and Physically Demanding

Vigoro is known for its fast-paced and physically demanding nature. Players must sprint swiftly between the wickets, aiming to accumulate runs while also fielding skillfully to prevent their opponents from scoring. Each match consists of innings, with teams taking turns to bat and field.

Similar Sports

For those intrigued by Vigoro, there are other sports worth exploring that share similarities:

  • Cricket: A team sport played on a rectangular pitch, with two batters protecting their wickets while the fielding team attempts to get them out.
  • Lawn Tennis: A court sport that utilizes stringed rackets to hit a ball over a net.
  • Baseball: A bat and ball game where the objective is to hit the ball and score runs by running around four bases.
  • Kilikiti: A traditional sport originating from Samoa and Tuvalu, which bears similarities to cricket.

Discover More

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Q: How is Vigoro different from cricket and tennis?
A: While Vigoro was initially a combination of cricket and tennis, it has developed its unique set of rules and gameplay over time. The use of overarm bowling, lighter balls, and tennis-style rackets sets Vigoro apart from both cricket and tennis.

Q: Is Vigoro a popular sport globally?
A: While Vigoro is predominantly popular among women in Australia, particularly in New South Wales, Tasmania, and Queensland, it is also played in other countries such as the United Kingdom and South Africa. Its unique blend of cricket, baseball, and tennis elements has attracted enthusiasts worldwide.

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Q: How physically demanding is Vigoro?
A: Vigoro is a highly energetic and physically demanding sport. Players must showcase agility, speed, and precision while running between the wickets and fielding to prevent the opposing team from scoring runs. It requires both physical fitness and strategic thinking.


Vigoro, the captivating fusion of cricket, baseball, and tennis, has taken the sporting world by storm. This fast-paced and physically demanding team sport combines elements from its predecessors to create a unique and thrilling game. Played mainly by women in Australia, Vigoro has gained recognition globally, with enthusiasts embracing its dynamic gameplay. With its distinctive rules, overarm bowling, and lighter balls, Vigoro provides an exhilarating experience for both players and spectators. Don’t miss out on exploring the complete list of sports and The Encyclopedia of Sports for more exciting adventures in the world of athletics. Experience the joy of Vigoro today!

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