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Verbal Instructions for the Beep Test

To ensure reliable results when conducting the beep test, it is important to provide consistent instructions to participants. Whether it’s their first time or not, a standardized script can be used to introduce and explain the test. Some beep test audio files already include an introduction, but feel free to customize the text to fit your needs.

Introducing the Test

The beep test is a shuttle run test that measures your maximum aerobic capacity or power. It involves running back and forth along a 20-meter track. Here’s how the test works:

  • You will run for as long as possible between the lines, following the speed prescribed by the audio signals.
  • An audio recording will emit sounds at regular intervals, signaling when you should be at one end or the other of the 20-meter track.
  • Pace yourself to be at the designated point when you hear a sound. Accuracy within 1 or 2 meters is sufficient.
  • The test starts at a low speed and gradually increases every minute.
  • Your goal is to maintain the set rhythm for as long as possible. Stop when you can no longer keep up with the rhythm.
  • Remember the last number announced for the relevant period – that is your result.
  • The test duration varies depending on your fitness level.
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In summary, the beep test is a maximal and progressive test. It starts off easy and becomes more challenging as it progresses. Good luck!

Starting Instructions

Here are the instructions for starting the test:

  • Line up at the start.
  • Run for as long as possible, staying in your lane.
  • Always run in a straight line.
  • When you stop, note the last number announced for the relevant period – this is your result, so don’t forget!


The above instructions have been adapted from the publication: TESTING PHYSICAL FITNESS, EUROFIT Experimental Battery. PROVISIONAL HANDBOOK, STRASBOURG, 1983.


Q: Are there any variations of the beep test?
A: Yes, there are variations of the beep test that you can explore to suit your specific needs.

Q: How can I calculate my score?
A: You can use a calculator to determine your VO2max equivalent score.

Q: Is there any software available for the beep test?
A: Yes, there is software available that provides the standard Multistage Fitness Test or Bleep Test right on your PC or Laptop, with additional features.


The beep test is a valuable tool for assessing aerobic endurance. By following the verbal instructions provided, you can ensure consistent and reliable results. Remember to pace yourself, maintain accuracy, and strive to keep up with the set rhythm for as long as possible. Good luck with your beep test!

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