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Urban Golf – A Unique Twist to the Traditional Game

Urban Golf, also known as Cross Golf, is a fascinating sport that has gained popularity worldwide. Derived from traditional golf, the objective remains the same – to hit the ball into a hole or fixed target. However, what sets urban golf apart is the unconventional playing field it offers. Unlike traditional golf courses with natural hazards like bunkers and trees, urban golf can be played anywhere, using anything as an obstacle.

Cross Golf takes this concept to another level by utilizing disused urban environments such as building sites, rooftops, canals, hotel lobbies, school campuses, and industrial areas as makeshift courses. This innovative approach adds an exciting element to the game, combining the thrill of golf with urban exploration.

In urban golf, the equipment used may vary. While regular golf balls can be used, players often opt for squash balls, tennis balls, Cayman balls, air flow balls, or other customized balls depending on the location. As for the clubs, traditional golf clubs are typically used in major tournaments, but for casual play, hockey sticks or other suitable devices are commonly employed.

The gameplay in urban golf is similar to that of traditional golf. Players compete to complete a fixed number of holes or targets, each with a pre-assigned par value. The player with the lowest number of strokes at the end of the course emerges as the winner.

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Similar Sports

While urban golf offers a unique experience, there are various other sports that share similarities with it:

  • Snow Golf: Like regular golf, but played on snow and ice instead of grass.
  • Beach Golf: A simplified version of golf played on sandy beaches with a polyurethane foam ball.
  • Speed Golf: A variation where players aim to complete the course in the fewest strokes and fastest time possible.
  • Disc Golf: Also known as frisbee golf, players navigate a course with the least number of throws of a disc.
  • Pitch and Put: A shorter version of golf, typically played on courses with holes less than eighty yards.
  • Crossage: A traditional Belgian sport resembling golf, played on the streets with the goal of getting a wooden ball through a series of goals (now an extinct sport).
  • Kolven: A medieval precursor to golf from the Netherlands, where players aimed to hit a ball to a target in the minimum number of strokes (now an extinct sport).

Discover More

If you’re interested in exploring the world of golf and its unique variations, there are numerous resources available. Engage in discussions about different types of golf, delve into the complete list of sports, or satisfy your curiosity with The Encyclopedia of Sports.

So, whether you’re a golf enthusiast looking for a new challenge or simply curious about alternative sports, urban golf offers a thrilling and unconventional experience. Step away from the traditional courses and embrace the dynamic and innovative world of urban golf.


Q: What makes urban golf different from traditional golf?
A: Urban golf deviates from traditional golf courses and can be played anywhere with anything serving as an obstacle. It offers a unique and exciting twist to the game.

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Q: What kind of equipment is used in urban golf?
A: Urban golf allows for various balls to be used, including regular golf balls, squash balls, tennis balls, and customized balls. While traditional golf clubs are used in tournaments, casual play often involves hockey sticks or other suitable devices.

Q: How is urban golf played?
A: Urban golf follows a similar gameplay structure to traditional golf, with players aiming to complete a fixed number of holes or targets using the fewest number of strokes. The player with the lowest overall score wins.


Urban Golf, also known as Cross Golf, is a sport that adds a contemporary twist to the traditional game. Played in various countries around the world, urban golf allows players to explore and utilize unconventional environments as their playing field. With the flexibility to use different types of balls and equipment, urban golf offers a unique and adventurous experience. Whether you’re seeking an alternative to traditional golf or simply looking to try something new, urban golf is the perfect sport for those eager to embrace a dynamic and innovative approach. Explore the fascinating world of urban golf and discover a whole new way to play.