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The Sport of Team Handball

Handball, also known as team handball and borden ball, is a thrilling contact sport that involves two teams with seven players each. The objective is to pass and throw a ball into the opposing team’s goal. This sport originated in northern Europe during the 1800s and can be played by both men and women. Typically, handball matches take place indoors on a court measuring 20 meters by 20 meters. The game consists of two 30-minute periods, and goals are scored frequently due to its fast pace.

Rules and Gameplay

In handball, players must adhere to certain rules when handling the ball. Upon receiving it, a player can either pass, keep possession, or take a shot. However, only the defending goalkeeper is allowed to touch the floor of the goal area; other players cannot. It is also important to note that a ball cannot be passed back to the goalkeeper if they are still within the goal area.

Alternative Names

Handball goes by various names, including Team Handball, Olympic Handball, European team handball, and Borden ball.


Handball has several interesting variations that cater to different preferences and settings. These include:

  • Beach Handball: Played on sand instead of indoors, this variation is sometimes referred to as Sandball.
  • Field Handball: The original version of handball played outdoors on a larger field with more players. It is also known as Outdoor Handball or Grass Handball.
  • Czech Handball: A very similar game to Team Handball, played outdoors.
  • Unicycle Handball: This unique variation involves competitors riding unicycles and attempting to throw a handball-sized ball into a vertical hoop placed approximately 6 feet (1.8m) above the ground.
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Similar Sports

For those interested in handball, there are a few other sports worth exploring:

  • Tchoukball: An indoor team sport where players score by throwing a ball onto a rebound frame, aiming for it to land back on the court without being caught.
  • American (court) Handball and its variations: A distinct sport that involves hitting a ball against a wall using the hand.


Q: What are the dimensions of a handball court?
A: A standard handball court measures 20 meters by 20 meters.

Q: How long is a handball match?
A: A handball match consists of two periods, each lasting 30 minutes.

Q: Can women play handball?
A: Absolutely! Handball can be played by both men and women.

Q: Are there any outdoor versions of handball?
A: Yes, there is Field Handball, which is the original version played outdoors on a larger field with more players.


Handball is an exhilarating sport that combines strategy, teamwork, and athleticism. With its fast pace and frequent goals, it offers an exciting experience for players and spectators alike. Whether you’re interested in playing or simply want to learn more, handball is a sport worth exploring.

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