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The Science of Tenpin Bowling Journal


In the realm of sports and science, we often encounter well-studied areas such as swimming, track & field, golf, and tennis. However, there is one sport that remains vastly understudied – tenpin bowling. The complexities of motion, including axis rotation, axis tilt, revolutions, ball speed, and loft distances, make it a fascinating area for scientific exploration. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the proposal of a groundbreaking initiative: The Science of Tenpin Bowling Journal.

This online journal and PDF newsletter will serve as a platform dedicated to uncovering the truths and enhancing our understanding of the sport. But we can’t do it alone. We need your support to bring this project to life and propel bowling into the realm of well-studied sports. Join us in this knowledge revolution!

Why is it Needed?

The science behind elite tenpin bowling is intricate and challenging to comprehend fully. It may even require a Master’s degree in physics to truly grasp the complexities of ball motion. With such a lack of research and information, the credibility of bowling as a sport suffers. That’s why it’s crucial to bridge this gap and generate more knowledge about the science behind bowling. Together, we can change the perception of bowling and promote it as a serious and respected sport.

What will it Include?

The Science of Tenpin Bowling Journal will serve as a hub for original research on all aspects of tenpin bowling. It aims to make a significant contribution to the sport and foster a community of dedicated individuals passionate about improving our understanding of the science behind bowling. We invite you to join us as a contributor, sharing your original research and insights. Additionally, please help spread the word about this initiative by sharing this information with anyone involved in studying tenpin bowling or sports science with an interest in bowling.

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Imagine a future where the science of bowling is so well-understood that we have a dedicated World Congress on the subject. This journal is the first step towards that vision. If you’re interested in serving as a reviewer for the journal, please forward your bio and a short statement explaining your motivation to the contact mentioned below. Original research, meta-analysis, theories, and more are all welcome. Let’s start a knowledge revolution together, fueled by our shared passion for bowling.

Call for Papers

The Science of Tenpin Bowling (TSTP)


Bowling, unfortunately, remains one of the least studied sports when it comes to scientific exploration. While other sports have well-established bases of knowledge in areas like biomechanics, nutrition, and fitness, bowling lacks such a foundation. To elevate the credibility of bowling as a sport, it’s essential that we move forward and promote scholarship in this field. This initiative aims to facilitate that progress.


The driving force behind this initiative is the desire to increase the credibility of tenpin bowling by spreading knowledge about the sport. We invite researchers, scientists, coaches, and enthusiasts from all disciplines to contribute to the journal. By collaborating and sharing our knowledge, we can establish a comprehensive understanding of bowling and elevate it to the same level as other well-studied sports.


The Science of Tenpin Bowling Journal welcomes research on all aspects of the sport. Some suggested topics include:

  • Sport Medicine: Prevention and treatment of bowling-specific injuries
  • Sport psychology and bowling: The effectiveness of the mental side of the sport, improving self-efficacy, etc.
  • Nutrition: The impact of specific nutrition on performance
  • Physiology and Fitness of bowling: The impact of specific training methods on performance
  • Coaching methods: Bowling development methods and their effectiveness
  • Motor Learning: How do bowlers learn the movements of complex tasks?
  • Biomechanics and Technique of Bowling: Human movements study
  • Science of the Bowling Ball: Ball motion and the impact of factors like RG, Diff, MB, MB Diff, Surface, etc.
  • Science of the bowling environment: The impact of humidity, friction, oil volume, etc.
  • Talent Identification: Are there specific attributes (anthropometry, mental, etc.) that help identify bowling-specific talent?
  • Other science topics related to bowling
  • Coach Development Models: How can coaches effectively progress from beginners to elite, world-class coaches?
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Some Research Ideas

To stimulate your curiosity, here are a few research ideas to consider:

  • What is the anthropometry of elite bowlers?
  • How do specific ball motions change when altering rotation, tilt, revolutions, speed, and loft?
  • What are the most effective psychological training techniques to improve focus in bowling?
  • What constitutes an ideal fitness training program for elite bowlers?
  • What is the energy system used during elite bowling (ATP/CP, LA, Oxidative)?
  • Which strength training program is most effective for energy system development and fitness improvement?
  • What is the relationship between fatigue and repeatability in elite and non-elite bowling?
  • What are the biomechanical motions of elite bowlers, and what training methods can help achieve those motions?
  • How can we promote self-efficacy in elite bowling?
  • What are the most effective coach development programs?

More Details

For more information or to contribute to the journal, please contact Joe Slowinski, ABD, M.Ed., Director of Coaching & Coach Certification at the Tenpin Bowling National Sports Council of Malaysia. You can reach Joe Slowinski via email at [email protected]


Coming Soon


With your support, The Science of Tenpin Bowling Journal has the potential to revolutionize the way we understand and approach the sport. By leveraging the collective knowledge and passion of the bowling community, we can elevate bowling to new heights of scientific exploration. Join us in this exciting journey as we usher in a new era of knowledge and understanding for the sport of tenpin bowling. Together, we can make a difference!

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