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Auralpressure – The Ultimate Team Beep Test Software

If you’re looking for versatile software to conduct beep (bleep) type tests and save results in real time, look no further than Auralpressure’s Team Beep Test software. Developed in collaboration with Bitworks, this software offers a range of features that make it a valuable tool for fitness testing.

Accurate Real-Time Display

The Beep Test application included in the Team Beep Test software is incredibly precise, accurate to 1/100th of a second. It provides a real-time on-screen display of stage numbers, distance covered, and VO2max. This feature ensures that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information during the test.

Record and Review Results

With Auralpressure’s software, recording player scores is a breeze. At the click of a button, you can easily save and review results, including distance run and VO2max. The software also offers a graphical statistics screen where you can view and print the saved results. This feature makes it easy to track progress and analyze performance.

Team Functions

If you’re using the software with a team or group, you’ll find a range of useful features at your disposal. You can enter all team player names, and during the test, player buttons allow for one-click recording of results. Once the test is complete, you can graphically display the results, comparing player performance over time. Additionally, the software supports multiple teams, making it ideal for schools or sporting clubs with many classes or teams.

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More Tests and Customization Options

In addition to the standard beep test, the Team Beep Test software offers other beep-type tests, including the yo-yo test. The software comes pre-loaded with scripts for the standard Leger beep test, as well as the YoYo Intermittent Recovery and Endurance Levels 1 and 2. Moreover, there is an online library of custom scripts that you can download and use with the software. If you want even more flexibility, you can design your own test using simple commands in a script file. This allows you to adapt the test for different sports and even swimming.

Create CDs for Playback

While the software license is for one computer only, Auralpressure understands that you may need to use it on multiple devices. To accommodate this, you can create unlimited copies by recording the software audio with additional software. This feature provides flexibility and convenience for users who want to use the software on different computers.

Feedback from Top Sporting Clubs

The Team Beep Test software has been widely adopted by top sporting clubs around the world. Here’s what some of the users have to say:

  • “The program looks good… thank you very much.”
  • “Your software runs perfect!… Best Regards.”



Please Note!

The Team Beep Test software is compatible with most laptops and desktop computers. It works best on Windows systems (fully compatible with Windows 10), but it also runs on MacOS computers. It’s important to note that this is not the traditional beep test CD. Instead, it’s a more versatile computer software that can play the beep test and much more. After purchasing the software, you will receive an unlock code to access all its features.

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More Information

  • Latest Version: Contact Bitworks for details on how to download the latest version.
  • Need more copies? You can purchase additional licenses or burn the test audio onto a CD.

For comprehensive information about the beep test and related topics, visit, the ultimate destination for fitness testing resources. If you have any questions about the purchase procedure or need assistance with software installation, please reach out to the Auralpressure team.


  • Can I use the software on multiple computers?

    • The software license is for one computer only. However, you can create unlimited copies by recording the software audio.
  • How accurate is the real-time display in the Beep Test application?

    • The Beep Test application is accurate to 1/100th of a second, providing you with the most precise results.
  • Can I customize the tests in the software?

    • Yes, the software allows you to design your own tests using simple commands in a script file.
  • What types of beep-type tests are included in the software?

    • In addition to the standard beep test, the software includes scripts for the yo-yo test and other variations. You can also download custom scripts from the online library.


With Auralpressure’s Team Beep Test software, you have a powerful tool for conducting fitness tests and tracking results. The software’s accuracy, flexibility, and user-friendly features make it a favorite among top sporting clubs. Whether you’re a coach, athlete, or fitness enthusiast, is your go-to resource for all things related to fitness testing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your training and performance to the next level with the Team Beep Test software.

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