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Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby, also known as Flag Rugby, is a team sport based on Rugby Union. Unlike traditional rugby, where tackles are made, in tag rugby, players wear tags attached with velcro strips, which are pulled off to stop the ball carrier. It is similar to Touch Rugby, where only a touch is required instead of a tackle. These variations of rugby are often used in the development of full-contact Rugby League and Rugby Union codes.

In Tag Rugby, attacking players aim to carry and pass the rugby ball to the scoring zone, while defenders try to prevent them from scoring by pulling off the velcro tags. This dynamic and fast-paced sport is played in various forms worldwide, including Rippa Rugby, Try Tag Rugby, OzTag, and Mini Tag. OzTag, for example, is a non-contact form of rugby league.

In the United States, there is a variation of Tag Rugby called American Flag Rugby, played in the K1-9 grade levels. It is divided into four divisions, allowing children to play within their age group and skill level. Matches consist of two teams, each with 7 players, and are played in two 10-minute halves. The rules and field size vary depending on the division, with basic rules for lower divisions and additional rules for higher divisions.

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  • Mini Rugby: A modified version of rugby union, tailored to suit children and introduce them to the sport.
  • Flag Football: Similar to American football, but instead of tackling, defenders must remove a flag from the ball carrier.
  • Touch Football: A version of American Football where the ball carrier only needs to be touched, rather than tackled to the ground.
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Q: How is tag rugby different from traditional rugby?
A: In traditional rugby, tackles are made to stop the ball carrier, while in tag rugby, the defenders must pull off tags attached to the player instead of tackling.

Q: Is tag rugby a non-contact sport?
A: Yes, tag rugby is a non-contact version of rugby, which makes it suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

Q: What are some popular variations of tag rugby?
A: Some popular variations of tag rugby include Rippa Rugby, Try Tag Rugby, OzTag, and Mini Tag.


Tag Rugby is an exciting team sport that offers a unique twist on traditional rugby. Players wear tags that are pulled off instead of tackling, making it a non-contact sport suitable for all ages. It is played in various forms worldwide, such as Rippa Rugby, Try Tag Rugby, OzTag, and Mini Tag. In the United States, American Flag Rugby is a popular variation played in schools, with different divisions based on grade level. Tag Rugby has similarities to other sports like Touch Rugby, Mini Rugby, Flag Football, and Touch Football. It provides a thrilling and accessible way to enjoy the game of rugby. Join the tag rugby community and experience the excitement for yourself!

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