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Synchronized Swimming: The Art of Aquatic Dance

Synchronized Swimming, also known as Artistic Swimming, is a captivating water sport where athletes perform meticulously choreographed dance routines in perfect synchronization with a captivating background music. In this article, we will explore the nuances of this beautiful sport and delve into its various formats, rules, and scoring criteria.

The Different Formats of Synchronized Swimming Competitions

Synchronized Swimming competitions are structured around different team sizes and routines. The major formats include solo, duet, trio, and team. While solo performances feature a single athlete, duets involve two athletes performing together. Trio routines are performed by three athletes, and teams typically consist of four to eight members. Currently, the Olympic Games feature medal competitions for duet and team formats.

Technical and Free Routines: Showcasing Skill and Creativity

Each format of competition in synchronized swimming includes two types of routines: technical and free. The technical routine requires athletes to perform a predetermined set of technical elements in a specific order. On the other hand, the free routine allows swimmers to showcase their creativity without any restrictions. In both routines, judges evaluate athletes based on two broad aspects: technical merit and artistic impression.

Judging Criteria: Technical Merit and Artistic Impression

In synchronized swimming, routines are scored based on the execution of technical elements, difficulty, synchronization, choreography, music interpretation, and overall presentation. Scores, ranging from 1 to 100 in thousandths of a point, are awarded for each routine. The team or individual with the highest combined score from both rounds emerges as the winner.

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Breaking Gender Barriers

Although synchronized swimming is predominantly a women’s sport, there have been recent developments to include men in international events. In 2015, the world aquatic championships introduced a mixed duet event, where men partnered with women. Additionally, the 2024 Olympics will allow up to two men to participate in the group team event, opening up new opportunities for male athletes.

Similar Sports and Related Pages

Synchronized Swimming shares similarities with other water-based sports and disciplines. Swimming, the act of propelling oneself through water, is a foundation for synchronized swimming. Synchronized Diving involves two divers performing synchronized dives simultaneously. Synchronized Skating showcases the grace and coordination of a team of skaters on an ice rink.

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Q: What is the objective of synchronized swimming?
A: The objective is to perform synchronized and artistic routines to background music, showcasing impeccable coordination and creativity while floating in the water.

Q: Are there any restrictions in the free routine?
A: No, the free routine allows swimmers to express their creativity without any restrictions, allowing them to fully showcase their skills and artistry.

Q: Is synchronized swimming only for women?
A: While synchronized swimming is primarily a women’s sport, recent developments have seen the inclusion of men in certain international events, with the 2024 Olympics allowing men to participate in the group team event.


Synchronized Swimming is an awe-inspiring water sport that combines athleticism, artistry, and precision. Athletes perform meticulously choreographed routines to background music, aiming for flawless synchronization and creativity. With different formats, technical and free routines, and strict judging criteria, synchronized swimming captivates both participants and spectators. As the sport continues to evolve and break gender barriers, it promises to offer even more excitement and opportunities for athletes worldwide.

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