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Superstars on TV

The Superstars was a highly popular TV show that captivated audiences in both the US and Europe. It featured athletes going head-to-head in various disciplines to determine the greatest athlete. The show originated in 1973 on ABC in the US and later had a BBC version in the UK. While there have been some slight modifications over the years, the format has remained largely unchanged. In this article, we will explore the Superstars show, its format, and some of the events that have been featured.

The Superstars Format

Athletes in the Superstars show compete against each other in a wide range of disciplines, accumulating points based on their score or time. One interesting rule is that athletes are usually prohibited from competing in their own specialty, adding an additional layer of challenge. Points are awarded to the top performers in each event, with the winner receiving 10 points, followed by 7, 4, 2, and 1 for subsequent places. The overall winner is determined by the athlete with the highest aggregate total.

Over the years, the format has evolved to suit different versions of the show around the world. In the original ABC version, athletes could compete in up to seven events, excluding their own sport. However, the US version had 10 events in total.

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Some of the Featured Events

The Superstars show has showcased a diverse range of events that test the athletes’ skills and abilities. Here are some notable events that have been included:

  • 100m Sprint: Athletes compete to sprint as fast as they can over a 100m distance.
  • 800m Race: A timed race over the challenging 800m distance.
  • 50m Swim: A timed swimming race covering a distance of 50m.
  • Gym Test – Squats: Competitors must drag their feet from one line to another as many times as possible in a minute. Sliding in socks is allowed, but wearing shoes is recommended for safety.
  • Gym Test – Dips: Participants aim to lift themselves up using parallel bars until their elbows lock out, then dip down before locking out again. The objective is to complete as many repetitions as possible within one minute.
  • Kayak Race: A thrilling paddling race in pairs along a 120m course. The fastest paddlers then go head-to-head in a final race to determine the ultimate winner.
  • Mountain Bikes: Athletes take on a steep 600m slope in an intense one-off race.
  • Football (Men Only): Competitors dribble a soccer ball from the start line and attempt to shoot past a goalkeeper. In case of a tie, positions are determined based on time.
  • Golf (Men’s Heats Only): The aim is to chip five golf balls as close to the pin as possible. Scores are determined by how close the ball finishes to the hole.
  • Archery (Men’s Final and Women): Similar to golf, this event involves shooting arrows at a target. Participants have five attempts to hit the bullseye, and the highest total score wins.
  • Tennis (Men’s Final and Women): Athletes must sit on a box, then get up and hit a tennis ball over the net. Balls are served at regular intervals over a minute, and points are awarded based on shot placement.
  • Shot Put
  • Cross Country
  • Basketball
  • Obstacle Course: A prominent feature of the US series, the obstacle course tests the contestants’ agility and strength. The original course included climbing a 12′ rope wall, running through a tubular tunnel, pushing a blocking sled, stepping through tires, jumping over water, clearing a high bar, and navigating hurdles. Penalty seconds were added for mistakes along the course.
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In summary, the Superstars TV show has provided captivating entertainment for audiences worldwide, showcasing the incredible skills and achievements of athletes from various disciplines. The format of the show, with its unique rules and challenging events, has made it a thrilling competition. Whether it’s sprinting, swimming, or tackling an obstacle course, the Superstars show puts athletes to the test in exciting and unexpected ways. Visit for more fascinating content and stay updated on all things related to sports and fitness.