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Strongman: The Ultimate Test of Strength

Strongman, also known as strength athletics, is a captivating sport that pushes competitors to their limits, showcasing their pure strength through a variety of challenging tasks. While strength tests have been conducted for decades, the sport was officially codified in the 20th century. The pinnacle of this sport is the renowned World’s Strongest Man competition, which first took place in 1977.

Unleashing Unfathomable Power

Most strongman competitions feature six to eight events, each designed to test competitors’ strength in different ways. Contestants earn points based on their performance in each event, with the one amassing the most points ultimately being crowned the victor.

Some of the common tasks in strongman competitions include:

  • Farmer’s Walk: A test of endurance and grip strength, contestants carry heavy weights in each hand over a certain distance.
  • Hercules Hold: The ultimate feat of upper body strength, competitors must hold two heavy pillars that are falling outwards.
  • Vehicle Pull: A true display of power, contestants must pull a stationary vehicle, such as trucks, trains, or airplanes.
  • Atlas Stones: Lift and place five stones of increasing weight onto a podium, showcasing immense strength and control.
  • Refrigerator Carry: With an iron bar on their shoulders, competitors carry two refrigerators attached on each side, highlighting their sheer might.

While the World’s Strongest Man competition remains the most prestigious event in the world of strongman, there are other major competitions that deserve recognition, such as the Arnold Strongman Classic and the Strongman Champions League.

Related Strength Sports

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If you’re intrigued by strongman but want to explore other avenues of strength, there are several related sports you may find fascinating. These include:

  • Stone Lift or Carry: A test of strength involving moving heavy stones.
  • Powerlifting: A sport focused on three major lifts – deadlift, bench press, and squat.
  • Olympic Weightlifting: Competitors attempt to lift weights mounted on barbells above their heads with grace and precision.
  • Weight Throw: A family of events where athletes aim to throw a heavy weight as far or as high as possible.
  • Mas Wrestling: A unique sport where participants sit facing each other, bracing their feet against a board, trying to pull their opponent to their side.
  • Hammer Throw: An Olympic track and field event where athletes hurl a heavy weight at the end of a wire for distance.
  • Caber Toss: A traditional Scottish sport revolving around tossing a large tapered pole, known as a caber, forward.
  • Wood Chopping: Participants showcase their strength and speed by cutting or sawing logs or other types of wood in the quickest time possible.
  • Lumberjack: A series of competitions involving various events, including log rolling, chopping, power saw cutting, and pole climbing.
  • CrossFit: A high-intensity strength and conditioning program that combines functional exercises for a comprehensive workout experience.


Q: What is the strongest man ever recorded?
A: Determining the strongest man ever is subjective as strength can be measured in various ways. However, some notable strongmen who have made a significant impact in the sport include Jon Pall Sigmarsson, Mariusz Pudzianowski, and Hafthor Bjornsson.

Q: How can I train to become a strongman?
A: To embark on the journey of becoming a strongman, it is essential to focus on building overall strength, improving endurance, and developing a robust grip. Engaging in heavy compound exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and overhead presses, coupled with specialized strongman training, will help you on your path to success.

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Q: Are strongman competitions limited to men?
A: While traditionally strongman competitions have been male-dominated, there are now women’s divisions in many events, allowing women to demonstrate their incredible strength and athleticism.

Q: Can strongman training be beneficial for other sports?
A: Yes! Strongman training can enhance performance in other sports, as it develops overall strength and power, improves agility, and builds mental toughness.


Strongman is not just a sport; it is a celebration of human strength and determination. With its thrilling competitions and awe-inspiring displays of power, it continues to capture the hearts of athletes and spectators alike. So, whether you aspire to become the next World’s Strongest Man or simply admire the incredible feats of strength, remember that the world of strongman is waiting for you to embrace its challenges and revel in its triumphs.

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