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Sprint Test Results

Speed or sprint tests are an integral part of fitness testing. These tests can be conducted over various distances, ranging from short acceleration tests over 5 or 10 meters to 60-meter speed endurance tests. Measuring sprint times is crucial for assessing acceleration speed and overall fitness. In this article, we will explore different sprint test results and the significance they hold.

10 meter sprint

Sprint times over very short distances are usually recorded as split times during a sprint over a longer distance. For instance, when conducting a 40m sprint, timing gates can be used to measure split times at 5, 10, and 20 meters to evaluate acceleration speed. Notably, the fastest runner at the 2019 MLS combine, DeJuan Jones, recorded an impressive time of 1.61 seconds for 10 meters during his 30m dash, which he completed in 3.82 seconds.

Additionally, different sports have specific fitness requirements for their athletes. For example, it has been stated that West Coast Eagles players need to run 10m in under two seconds. Moreover, the Perth Glory football (soccer) team from the West Australian region must be able to run 5m in under a second and 20m in under 3 seconds.

20 meter Sprint Test

The 20m sprint test is one of the assessments carried out during the Australian Football annual combine. Noteworthy performances in this test include Joel Wilkinson’s impressive time of 2.75 seconds in 2010, followed by Brad Harvey and Jonathon Marsh, who both clocked in at 2.78 seconds in different years. To explore a comprehensive list of top combine scores and other sports’ results, please refer to the provided links.

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30 meter Sprint Test

For MLS Combine, the 30m sprint test is utilized as part of the assessment process. We invite you to explore a collection of 30m sprint results from various sports using the provided link.

40 meter / 40 yards Sprint Test

The 40-yard sprint is a significant event at the NFL testing combine. To explore a collection of 40m/40yd results from the NFL and other sports, please refer to the provided link.

100 Meters

The 100 meters is the shortest sprint event at the Olympic Games. Usain Bolt currently holds the world record for the 100m with a remarkable time of 9.58 seconds, which he achieved at the 2009 IAAF World Championships. You can watch a video of his impressive 9.69 seconds world record run at the Beijing Olympics.


Q: How are split times measured during a sprint test?
A: Split times during a sprint test are often recorded using timing gates. These gates capture the time taken to cover specific distances during a longer sprint.

Q: Are there specific fitness requirements for different sports?
A: Yes, different sports have varying fitness requirements for their athletes. For example, West Coast Eagles players need to run 10m in under two seconds, while the Perth Glory football team must be able to run 5m in under a second and 20m in under 3 seconds.

Q: What is the significance of the 100 meters sprint event at the Olympic Games?
A: The 100 meters is considered the premier sprint event at the Olympic Games. It showcases the world’s fastest athletes and holds great historical and cultural significance in the world of athletics.

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In this article, we explored various sprint test results and their significance in assessing speed and overall fitness. From short distance sprints to longer endurance tests, sprint times play a crucial role in evaluating acceleration and measuring athletic performance. Whether it’s the 10 meter sprint or the iconic 100 meters event at the Olympic Games, these tests provide valuable insights into an athlete’s speed capabilities. To delve deeper into the subject and gain a broader understanding, don’t hesitate to explore the links provided.

Remember, improving your speed takes time and consistent training. If you aspire to excel in sprinting, make sure to consult with professional coaches and follow a tailored training program. With dedication and the right guidance, you can unlock your full sprinting potential. So lace up your shoes, hit the track, and strive for new personal bests!

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