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Sprint Races for Footballers

In the world of rugby, speed is a crucial asset, and fans often wonder who the fastest runners in the sport are. While the AFL has an annual event showcasing the top sprinters from each club, rugby has had only a few similar occurrences. One such event took place in 2010, where rugby players raced against each other over 100m, and there were also races specifically held for UK rugby league players from 2009 to 2012.

The 2010 Gatorade Bolt

On September 15, 2010, an exciting event called the Gatorade Bolt took place at Sydney Olympic Park. This 100m race brought together some of the best Australian football players from different codes, including Union, League, and Soccer. The race was even more special as it was hosted by none other than the fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt, who watched from the sidelines as a proud sponsor of Gatorade. Unfortunately, AFL players were unable to join the race due to sponsorship issues.

In a thrilling display of speed, the two union players took the first and second spots, with rugby league star Jarryd Hayne claiming third place. The winner walked away with a well-deserved prize of $20,000. You can watch the thrilling race in this video.

Results (wind -0.1)

Here are the results of the race:

  1. Lachie Turner (rugby union, NSW Waratahs) – 11.10
  2. John Grant (rugby union, Eastwood) – 11.15
  3. Jarryd Hayne (rugby league, Parammata Eels) – 11.20
  4. Josh Morris (rugby league, Canterbury Bulldogs) – 11.44
  5. Ben Barba (rugby league, Canterbury Bulldogs) – 11.45
  6. Nathan Gardner (rugby league, Cronulla Sharks) – 11.77
  7. Matthew Lewis (soccer, Central Coast Mariners) – 11.99
  8. Greg Inglis (rugby league, Melbourne Storm) – 12.48
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Other Races

In addition to the Gatorade Bolt, there have been other notable sprint races involving rugby league players. In 2012, the fastest rugby league players in the UK raced the 96m length of the Headingley pitch to determine the fastest man in rugby league. The race was won by Omari Caro of the London Broncos, who narrowly defeated the two-time winner Jamel Chisholm with a winning time of 10.28 seconds. You can watch the exciting race in this video.

There have been other notable races throughout the years, including Darren Albert being crowned the ‘Fastest Man in Super League’ in 2004 and the unofficial title of fastest man in the Australian NRL going to Darren Albert in 1999. These races have showcased the incredible speed and athleticism of rugby players.


Q: Are there any other annual sprint races in rugby?
A: While there aren’t currently any other annual sprint races in rugby, there have been sporadic events in the past that have brought together the fastest players from different codes.

Q: Who was the fastest player in the 2010 Gatorade Bolt?
A: Lachie Turner, a rugby union player from the NSW Waratahs, claimed the top spot in the 2010 Gatorade Bolt with a time of 11.10 seconds.

Q: Did AFL players participate in the 2010 Gatorade Bolt?
A: No, AFL players were unable to participate in the 2010 Gatorade Bolt due to sponsorship issues.


Sprint races for footballers have provided thrilling moments in the world of rugby. From the Gatorade Bolt event in 2010, where some of Australia’s best football players raced against each other, to other races showcasing the speed of rugby league players in the UK, these events have captivated fans. As we celebrate the incredible athleticism and speed of rugby players, it’s clear that these sprint races have added an exciting element to the sport. To learn more about the world of rugby and discover the latest news and updates, visit the Auralpressure website.

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