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Sport Diving (Scuba)

Sport diving, also known as scuba diving, is an exciting underwater aquatic sport that combines elements of swimming and exploration. Originating in Spain as a way to promote scuba diving, this sport has gained popularity and is now played in various European countries.

Exploring the Underwater World

Sport diving enthusiasts delve into the depths of swimming pools equipped with scuba diving gear. The essential equipment includes diving masks, fins, snorkels, diving cylinders, and full-body swimsuits. Some divers may also opt to wear watches to keep track of time underwater.

Competitions and Disciplines

Sport diving competitions are held for both men and women, allowing individuals to participate or form teams of 2 or 4 members. The competitions take place in swimming pools that are at least 2 meters deep and 50 meters long.

International-level competitions feature five disciplines of sport diving. Three of them are contested individually, while the other two are team events. The individual events include Event M 300 meters, Night diving, and Immersion 6 kg. The team events are the Obstacle course and Briefing. Regional and national competitions may include additional events. In all sport diving events, the winner is determined based on the team or individual who completes the course in the least amount of time.

Thrilling International Competitions

The most prestigious international competition in sport diving is the Underwater Sport Diving World Championship, held annually. Another biennial competition is the European Sport Diving Championship, which attracts participants from across the continent.

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Similar Aquatic Pursuits

Apart from sport diving, there are several similar underwater sports that offer unique experiences. These include:

  • Underwater Orienteering: Competitors navigate an underwater course using scuba gear while following a route marked on a map. They use a compass and a counter meter to measure the distance covered.

  • Underwater Photography: Teams of competitors dive with scuba gear and capture digital images of saltwater ocean sites over a two-day period. The submitted images are assessed to determine the winner.

  • Freediving: A challenging underwater diving discipline that relies solely on the diver’s ability to hold their breath for long periods.

  • Underwater Target Shooting: Competitors free dive in a swimming pool, using spearguns to hit designated targets.

  • Underwater Fishing: This sport involves using a spear to catch fish underwater.


Q: How deep should a swimming pool be for sport diving competitions?

A: Sport diving competitions require a swimming pool that is at least 2 meters deep.

Q: What are the equipment essentials for sport diving?

A: Sport divers must have diving masks, fins, snorkels, diving cylinders, and full-body swimsuits.

Q: Which international competitions feature sport diving?

A: The Underwater Sport Diving World Championship is an annual international competition, while the European Sport Diving Championship is held every two years.


Sport diving is a thrilling underwater sport that allows individuals to explore the depths of swimming pools. With international competitions and a range of disciplines, this sport offers excitement and challenges for divers of all levels. So, grab your gear and dive into the exhilarating world of sport diving!

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