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Softball Throw Test

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The Softball Throw Test is an engaging fitness assessment that measures power and evaluates throwing distance and technique, particularly in the upper body. This anaerobic power test combines skill and strength, making it a valuable tool for athletes in throwing events and sports where upper body power is crucial.

Equipment and Procedure

To conduct the Softball Throw Test, you will need a standard league softball, witches hats or cones for marking the throwing area, a tape measure, and an open outdoor space.

The subject will stand behind a designated line and throw the softball for maximum distance without crossing the line. The dominant arm is used for the throw, and the ball must land within a target area to be considered a valid throw. Two practice throws are allowed, followed by three recorded measurements. The angle at which the ball is thrown also plays a significant role in achieving maximal distance. Encourage participants to practice finding the optimal angle for their throws.

Variations of Throwing Position

There are four variations of the starting/throwing position in the Softball Throw Test:

  • Knees in place throw: The throw is executed from a kneeling position, with the knees remaining on the ground throughout the throw.
  • Feet in place throw: The feet remain flat on the ground during the throw.
  • One-step approach (Underkofler Softball Throw for Distance Test): Participants can take one step before throwing.
  • Run-up: A set distance (e.g., 10m) can be used for a run-up approach to the throwing line.
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Scoring and Results

The distance from the starting line to where the ball first lands is recorded. The best result of three throws is considered the final score.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Softball Throw Test offers simplicity and accessibility, as it can be easily performed by individuals with readily available equipment. However, it does require three assistants to ensure the test runs smoothly: one to monitor proper technique and position, another to mark and record the landing spot, and a third to collect and return the balls. Conducting this test with a large group can be time-consuming.

The Test in Action

The softball throw test was once part of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award’s standard test events. It has been widely used to assess upper body power and throwing abilities.

Similar Tests

  • Cricket Ball or Baseball Throw Test: A similar assessment that measures throwing distance and technique using a cricket ball or baseball.
  • Kneeling Basketball Throw Test: This test evaluates throwing distance from a kneeling position using a basketball.


  1. Who can benefit from the Softball Throw Test?

    • The Softball Throw Test is particularly useful for athletes involved in throwing events and sports that require upper body power.
  2. How many throws are allowed in the Softball Throw Test?

    • Participants are allowed two practice throws and three recorded throws, with the best distance being the final score.
  3. What factors should participants consider for optimal throwing distance?

    • Participants should experiment with different angles to find the optimal throwing angle for maximizing distance.
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The Softball Throw Test is a valuable assessment tool for measuring upper body power and evaluating throwing distance and technique. It can be easily conducted with the right equipment and provides valuable insights for athletes and coaches alike. Improve your performance in throwing events with this engaging fitness assessment.

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