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SlamBall: A Fusion of Basketball and Acrobatics

SlamBall, a thrilling and dynamic sport, is a close relative to basketball, but with a twist. Invented by Mason Gordon, an avid basketball and gaming fan, SlamBall combines the excitement of video games with the athleticism of acrobatics. Imagine basketball played as a full-contact sport on a court equipped with four trampolines in front of each net. The game was brought to life with the help of Mike Tollin, a TV producer known for hit shows like Smallville and Coach Carter.

The Journey of SlamBall

Gordon and Tollin’s journey began in an LA warehouse where they built their first court, convincing street basketball players to try out their unique concept. As the sport gained traction, two teams were formed, leading to SlamBall’s television debut on the US national network Spike in 2002. Since then, SlamBall has captured the attention of sports enthusiasts worldwide and continues to grow in popularity. Stay updated with the latest SlamBall news on the official SlamBall website.

The Essence of SlamBall

The primary objective of SlamBall is for one team to outscore their opponents while preventing them from scoring. It’s not just about points, though. With its acrobatic flair, SlamBall teams unofficially compete to execute the most spectacular slam dunks, showcasing their dazzling array of tricks and tactics. Success in SlamBall requires exceptional physical fitness, teamwork, and communication skills.

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Players & Equipment

Each SlamBall team consists of four players who occupy three official positions:

  • Stopper: The defensive player responsible for preventing the opposition from scoring.
  • Handler: The midfield player who maneuvers the ball between defense and attack, creating attacking opportunities and assisting in defense.
  • Gunner: The attacking player solely focused on scoring baskets.

Teams have the freedom to use their players in different combinations of these positions, allowing for strategy and versatility. Except for a basketball, no special equipment is required to play SlamBall. However, league players must wear their team’s uniform, suitable footwear, and optional protective gear such as knee and elbow pads, as well as specially designed helmets. To accommodate the trampolines, a unique court with Plexiglass walls, similar to an ice hockey rink, is necessary.

The Art of Scoring

In SlamBall, scoring is all about placing the ball through the opponent’s net. Different types of shots result in varying point values, rewarding difficulty and spectacle:

  • Two points: When the ball is thrown through the hoop without an opposition player touching it.
  • Three points: Slam dunks and shots outside of the three-point arc.

Winning the Game

The team with the highest score at the end of the match emerges victorious. In the event of a tie, a series of face-offs are played to determine the winner. Face-offs are intense one-on-one battles, with one player defending the basket while another attempts to score. Each player gets one attack per face-off.

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Rules of the Game

To ensure fair play and maintain the game’s electrifying pace, SlamBall adheres to several rules:

  • Specially designed courts feature four trampolines in front of each team’s net.
  • Games consist of four six-minute quarters with a ten-minute halftime break.
  • Each game starts with a bounce-off, where the ball is bounced into the air.
  • The objective is to score points by placing the ball through the opponent’s net while defending one’s net simultaneously.
  • Successful throws through the hoop earn two points, while slam dunks or shots outside the three-point arc score three points.
  • A fifteen-second shot clock keeps the game fast-paced and exciting.
  • Referees and table officials oversee the game, ensuring fair play and keeping track of the score, fouls, and shot clock.


Q: How did SlamBall come into existence?
A: SlamBall was invented by Mason Gordon, a passionate basketball and gaming enthusiast, who aimed to combine the excitement of video games with the athleticism of basketball. With the help of TV producer Mike Tollin, Gordon brought SlamBall to life.

Q: What are the positions in SlamBall?
A: Each SlamBall team consists of four players who occupy three main positions: Stopper, Handler, and Gunner. The Stopper focuses on defense, the Handler handles the ball and orchestrates attacks, and the Gunner is the primary scorer.

Q: What equipment is required to play SlamBall?
A: Apart from a basketball, no special equipment is necessary. However, league players must wear their team’s uniform, suitable footwear, and some opt for protective gear like knee and elbow pads, and specially designed helmets.

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SlamBall is a captivating sport that seamlessly merges basketball with acrobatics. Invented by Mason Gordon, SlamBall offers an exhilarating experience, combining the fast-paced action of video games with the physical intensity of full-contact sports. With unique courts featuring trampolines, SlamBall players showcase their athleticism through impressive slam dunks and innovative tactics. To succeed, SlamBall teams require exceptional physical fitness, effective teamwork, and strategic communication. Stay up-to-date with the latest SlamBall news on the official SlamBall website and experience the fusion of basketball and acrobatics like never before.

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