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Sir Donald Bradman: The Cricket Legend

Donald Bradman

Sir Donald Bradman is an iconic figure in the world of cricket. Born in 1908 in Bowral, Australia, Bradman discovered his love for the sport at a young age. His dedication and talent propelled him to become one of the greatest batsmen the world has ever seen.

Early Years and Beginnings

Growing up in a small town near Sydney, Bradman honed his skills by hitting a golf ball with a cricket stump onto a tank. This playful pastime helped improve his reflexes and hand-eye coordination, setting the foundation for his future success.

In 1920, Bradman had a life-changing experience when he watched a test match at Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). Inspired by Charlie Mc Cartney’s performance, he declared that he would never be truly happy until he played on that very ground. Soon after, Bradman received an invitation from the New South Wales Cricket Association (NSW) to practice at SCG.

Rise to Stardom

Bradman’s talent quickly shone through as he played for St. George and the NSW state team. In his very first shield game, he scored a remarkable 118 runs at Adelaide, marking the beginning of a legendary career.

After his outstanding performances at the domestic level, Bradman was selected to represent Australia in the home series against England. In just eight innings, he scored an impressive 468 runs, including two centuries and two half-centuries.

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Unbreakable Records

Bradman’s career soared to unprecedented heights. He holds numerous records, although many have since been surpassed as the game evolved. His most remarkable achievement is his batting average of 99.94, a feat that remains unmatched to this day. In comparison, a batting average of 50 is considered excellent in modern cricket.

The Infamous Bodyline Series

The 1932 Bodyline series between England and Australia stands as a historic moment in Bradman’s life and the game of cricket itself. England captain Douglas Jardine devised a bowling strategy that aimed to intimidate the Australian batsmen. The aggressive tactic resulted in injuries and frustration for the Australian team.

However, Bradman, known for his resilience and strategic thinking, found a way to counter the attack. He adjusted his batting style, quickly moving to the leg side and hitting the ball on the empty off side. When Jardine positioned fielders on the off side, Bradman skillfully hit the ball over the bowler’s head. This series was later portrayed in a TV series called “Bodyline.”

The Captain’s Triumph

A couple of years later, when Australia toured England in 1930, Bradman led the team as captain. He dominated the English bowlers, scoring a staggering 974 runs in just eight innings. His masterful performances mesmerized the English fans and solidified his status as a cricket superstar.

The Legacy Continues

Sir Donald Bradman’s contribution to cricket earned him a knighthood, making him the only Australian cricketer to receive this honor. Even off the field, Bradman was known for his gentlemanly behavior and humble nature.

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Bradman’s name has become synonymous with Test cricket, and his legend is etched in the annals of cricket history. His remarkable talent and dedication to the sport are unmatched. The impact he made will resonate for centuries to come.


Q: What is Sir Donald Bradman’s batting average?
A: Sir Donald Bradman holds the record for the highest batting average in Test cricket, an astonishing 99.94.

Q: How many centuries did Bradman score in his career?
A: Bradman scored a total of 29 centuries in Test cricket.

Q: Did Bradman ever play professional golf?
A: While Bradman enjoyed playing golf, he did not pursue it professionally. His focus was primarily on cricket.


Sir Donald Bradman’s legacy as a cricket legend is unmatched. His extraordinary achievements on the field, including his unprecedented batting average, continue to inspire generations of cricketers. Bradman’s impact on the game is immeasurable, and his name will forever be remembered as one of the greatest in the history of cricket.

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