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Seated Push-Up Test (Brockport)

The Seated Push-Up Test is a valuable component of the Brockport fitness testing battery. Participants are required to raise their body out of a chair by extending their arms and hold this position for up to 20 seconds. This test aims to measure upper body strength and endurance, making it a crucial assessment for individuals of all ages.

Purpose and Equipment

The purpose of the Seated Push-Up Test is to evaluate upper body strength and endurance. To conduct this test, you will need a wheelchair, chair, or blocks to push up off, a stopwatch, recording sheets, and a pen.

Test Procedure

During the Seated Push-Up Test, participants start by placing their hands on the handles of push-up blocks, the arms of a chair, or the armrests (or wheels) of a wheelchair. When ready, they fully extend their elbows to lift their body off the supporting surface. Participants should strive to maintain this position for as long as possible, with a maximum time limit of 20 seconds.

Scoring and Target Population

The scoring for the Seated Push-Up Test involves recording the length of time the correct position was held, rounded to the nearest second. The maximum score achievable is 20 seconds.

While initially designed for children with disabilities as part of the Brockport testing protocols, this test is suitable for all children. With a longer maximum time period, it can also be adapted for use with adults.

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Incorporating the Seated Push-Up Test into your fitness routine can provide valuable insights into your upper body strength and endurance. So, why not give it a try and see how you measure up?