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Seated Dumbbell Press Test (Brockport)

The Seated Dumbbell Press Test is a valuable fitness assessment that forms part of the renowned Brockport fitness testing battery. Originally designed for children with disabilities, this upper body strength and endurance test involves performing as many overhead presses as possible using a 15lb (6.8kg) dumbbell while seated in a chair. It is an effective way to measure the maximum strength endurance of the shoulder and arm muscles.

Test Procedure

To conduct the Seated Dumbbell Press Test, the subject sits in a sturdy chair or wheelchair. They grasp the dumbbell with their dominant hand, holding it close to the shoulder. From this starting position, they extend the elbow and lift the weight straight up and above the shoulder, ensuring that the elbow is fully extended (arm straight). Afterward, they return the weight to the starting position. The exercise continues at a steady pace, with each repetition lasting around 3 to 4 seconds, until the subject can no longer perform a correct repetition or until they complete 50 repetitions.

Safety Measures and Equipment

To ensure safety, it is recommended to have a spotter standing by the participant throughout the test. Additionally, the Seated Dumbbell Press Test requires a 15lb (6.8kg) dumbbell, a sturdy chair, a stopwatch, and the necessary forms for recording basic information such as age, height, body weight, and gender, as well as the test conditions.

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The Seated Dumbbell Press Test is scored by recording the maximum number of full repetitions successfully completed, with a maximum score of 50 repetitions. The test is terminated if the subject rests for more than 4 seconds.

Target Population and Adaptability

While originally designed for children with disabilities, the Seated Dumbbell Press Test can be a suitable fitness assessment for all children. With the use of a heavier weight, it can also be adapted for use with adults.

The Test in Action

The Seated Dumbbell Press Test is a significant component of the comprehensive Brockport fitness testing battery. This battery of tests is widely recognized and trusted in assessing overall fitness levels.

Similar Tests

The Brockport fitness testing protocols also include other tests that can complement the Seated Dumbbell Press Test, including the Brockport Bench Press Test and the Seated Push-up Test. The Brockport Bench Press Test involves performing as many bench presses as possible using a 35lb (15.9kg) barbell, while the Seated Push-up Test requires extending the arms and raising the body out of a chair and holding that position for as long as possible.

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