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Sailing at the Olympics

Sailing has been a prominent sport in the Olympic Games since its inception, initially known as yachting until 2000. While the first events in 1896 were unfortunately canceled, sailing has been a consistent part of every other Olympic program. In this article, we will explore the various sailing events at the Olympics, the upcoming changes for the Paris 2024 Games, and interesting trivia about the sport.

Current Olympic Sailing Events (Tokyo 2020)


The Olympic sailing events feature a diverse range of competitions for men, women, and mixed teams. Here are the events that took place in Tokyo 2020:


  • RS:X – windsurf
  • Laser – one-person dinghy
  • Finn – heavyweight one-person dinghy
  • 470 – two-person dinghy
  • 49er – skiff


  • RS:X – windsurf
  • Laser Radial – one-person dinghy
  • 470 – two-person dinghy
  • 49er FX – skiff


  • Nacra 17 – multihull

Changes for Paris 2024

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will introduce a thrilling addition to the sailing program — kiteboarding. The official kiteboarding class for this event will be Formula Kite, featuring mixed-relay racing on boards with hydrofoils (Kite-foil racing). As a demonstration of its excitement, kite-foil racing was an exhibition sport at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

Changes for Tokyo 2020

Compared to the 2016 Games, there were no significant changes to the sailing competition events in Tokyo 2020. The focus remained on the thrilling contests that captivated audiences in previous Olympics.

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Changes for Rio 2016

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, the International Sailing Federation initially announced that windsurfing would be replaced by kitesurfing. However, this decision was later overturned. The Rio Games did see several changes to the competition events compared to the 2012 London Games. The keelboat events for both women (Elliott 6m) and men (the Star) were taken off the program, and multi-hulls made a comeback, represented by the Nacra 17. Additionally, a women’s skiff event was added, represented by the 49erFX. The Sailing Competition of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games took place on Marina da Gloria in Guanabara Bay.

2012 London Games

The sailing events at the 2012 Summer Olympics introduced two changes from the Beijing 2008 Games. A new event, Women’s Keelboat Match Racing, was added, utilizing the Elliott 6m. This event replaced the Yngling competition, and the Tornado Class Catamaran competition was dropped.


  1. What was sailing known as before 1996 in the Olympics?
    Sailing at the Olympic Games was formerly known as yachting until 1996.

  2. Has sailing always been a part of the Olympics?
    Sailing was scheduled for the first Olympics but had to be canceled due to unavailable boats and lack of foreign entries.

  3. Are there any interesting stories from past sailing events?
    The 1912 Games had an exciting 6m class yacht race, won by the French team “Mac Miche” consisting of the three Thube brothers. In 1920, the 12-foot dinghy event was held in both Belgium and the Netherlands, with only two Dutch competitors.

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Sailing at the Olympics has a rich history and continues to be a thrilling sport that showcases the finest athletes from around the world. With its diverse events and upcoming additions, such as kiteboarding in Paris 2024, sailing remains a captivating highlight of the Olympic Games.

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