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Russia 2018

The 21st FIFA World Cup took place in Russia in 2018. In this article, we will explore the highlights of this tournament, including the schedule, venues, results, and notable players. Let’s dive in and relive the exciting moments of Russia 2018.

Tournament Information

The group draw for the World Cup was announced on December 1, 2017. The tournament featured 32 national teams, with Russia qualifying automatically as the host country. The matches were held from June 14 to July 15, 2018, and the final took place in Moscow at the Luzhniki Stadium.

The Final: France vs. Croatia

The final match of Russia 2018 was a thrilling encounter between France and Croatia. France emerged victorious, securing their second World Cup title with a 4-2 victory. This triumph marked a historic moment for the French team and their fans.

Standout Players

Several players left their mark on the tournament. England’s captain Harry Kane won the Golden Boot Award for being the top scorer of the World Cup, netting an impressive 6 goals. Croatia’s Luka Modric was recognized as the player of the tournament and received the Golden Ball award, honoring his exceptional performances throughout the event.

Trivia and Fun Facts

Russia 2018 had its fair share of memorable moments and interesting trivia. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

  • The official mascot of the tournament was a wolf named Abivaka, which means “the one who scores” in Russian. This lovable wolf added a touch of charm to the event.
  • The official match ball for the World Cup was named the “Telstar 18,” showcasing cutting-edge technology and design.
  • Russia 2018 marked the first time video replays were utilized in World Cup matches, adding an extra layer of fairness and accuracy to the game.
  • Yekaterinburg, a Russian city situated in both Europe and Asia, hosted some matches, highlighting the tournament’s unique geographical significance.
  • Brazil was the only country among the top five most populous nations to qualify for the tournament. China, India, the USA, and Indonesia were absent from the competition.
  • Each team in the tournament had its own unique nickname, adding colorful character to the event. For example, the Colombian team is known as the coffee growers (Los Cafeteros), and the Australians are referred to as the Socceroos.
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Q: Can you provide some predictions for the Russia 2018 Tournament?
A: Unfortunately, no one could accurately predict the outcome of the tournament, making it a truly thrilling and unpredictable event.

Q: How has Russia performed in World Cup history?
A: To discover Russia’s journey in previous World Cups, you can explore the history of Russia at the World Cup.

Q: Which countries have hosted the World Cup in the past?
A: For a comprehensive list of all World Cup host countries, you can refer to our article on the subject.

Q: Where can I find World Cup tickets?
A: Acquiring World Cup tickets can be a challenging and costly endeavor. Stay tuned to official sources for ticket information and availability.


Russia 2018 was a memorable World Cup filled with excitement and surprises. From the stunning performances of teams to the individual brilliance of players, this tournament captivated fans worldwide. As we look towards future World Cups, let’s cherish the memories and anticipate the next chapter in the beautiful game.

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