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Roller Skating

Roller skating is a popular recreational activity enjoyed worldwide. It involves using roller skates, which are shoes fitted with four wheels (two rows of two) as opposed to inline skates with wheels in a single line.

There are various competitive sports that revolve around roller skating. Some are played exclusively on roller skates, while others can be played on either roller skates or inline skates. Let’s explore some of these sports:

Sports Played Mostly on Roller Skates:

  • Artistic Roller Skating: This sport encompasses different disciplines such as Figures, Dance (Solo and Team), Freestyle, Precision Teams, and Singles and Pairs. Each discipline has separate medal competitions.

  • Roller Derby: A team sport that takes place on oval tracks. Players compete on roller skates and the sport gained significant attention with the 2009 Hollywood movie “Whip It.”

  • Rollball: Similar to handball, this sport is played on roller skates. Players must bounce the ball while moving and score goals by shooting it into the opposing team’s goal.

  • Aggressive Inline: This trick-based sport involves skaters performing various tricks like grinds, spins, and flips.

  • Group Skating: This is a recreational activity in which large groups of people, sometimes in the tens of thousands, participate.

Sports on Roller Skates or Inline Skates:

  • Roller Hockey: Inline skates are predominantly used in this type of hockey. However, in the past, quad skates were also utilized. Traditional roller hockey (played with quad skates) and inline hockey (played with inline skates) fall under this category.

  • Speed Skating: Inline skates are used in this sport, which involves racing on indoor or outdoor tracks.

  • Roller Soccer: A popular indoor sport where players wear roller blades and play soccer.

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Similar Sports:

  • Inline Skating: Also known as roller blading, this sport involves various activities performed while wearing skates with two to five polyurethane wheels arranged in a single line.

  • Roller Skiing: Races are conducted on tarmac road courses, with athletes wearing snow skis with wheels attached.

For more information on roller sports and a comprehensive list of various sports, feel free to explore the related pages and the Encyclopedia of Sports. Get involved in roller skating and enjoy the thrill of these exciting sports!