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Olympic Games Predictions: A Closer Look at the Medal Tally

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have a glimpse into the future and know the Olympic Games’ results before they even start? Back in 2012, during the London Olympics, I made my own prediction for the final medal tally. Surprisingly, my guesswork turned out to be quite accurate. This time, for the Rio Games, I’m predicting that the USA will once again come out on top in terms of the most medals won. It’s a pretty safe bet, but I’m not basing this prediction on any specialized knowledge or secret formula. Instead, I prefer to rely on those who are more knowledgeable in the field of sports predictions.

There are plenty of people out there making predictions about the upcoming Rio Olympics. These predictions generally fall into two main categories: those made by scholars using economic models and various factors, and those based on actual competition results leading up to the Games. After the London Games, I compared some of these predictions to the final medal count, and I found that both methods were surprisingly accurate.

When it comes to predicting the medal tally, it seems more logical to base the predictions on actual sports results. After all, the most recent results should be the best indicators of performance. One company that regularly updates their predictions based on sporting results from around the world is Gracenote (formerly known as Infostrada Sports). The graphs below showcase how their predictions for the top three countries have changed over the past year. While the predicted number of medals may vary, one thing remains consistent – the USA is expected to come out on top in both total medals and gold medals.

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Gracenote Medal Predictions Graph

The most recent predictions, made with 100 days to go before the Games, show the USA pulling away from China and Russia in the medal table. However, it’s important to consider that Russian athletes may still face a ban from attending the Games, which could significantly impact their medal count.

As we inch closer to the Games, I will continue to monitor any changes in these predictions. And once the Games are over, I will once again compare these predictions to the actual results. So far, I’m feeling pretty confident about my prediction of the USA leading the medal count. It will certainly be a big upset if they don’t. Stay tuned for more updates!


Q: How do sports scholars make predictions about the Olympic medal tally?

A: Sports scholars use economic models and take into account various factors to make predictions about the final medal tally. These factors can include a country’s population, GDP, previous Olympic performances, and more.

Q: What is the alternative method of predicting the Olympic medal tally?

A: The alternative method involves using actual competition results leading up to the Olympics to predict the winners of specific events. By analyzing athletes’ performances in recent competitions, experts can make educated guesses about who will come out on top in each event.


In this article, we delved into the fascinating world of Olympic Games predictions. While my own prediction for the medal tally favors the USA, it’s important to note that scholars and experts also make their own predictions based on economic models and actual competition results. Gracenote, a well-known sports data company, regularly updates and refines their predictions based on sporting results from around the world. As we approach the Games, it’ll be interesting to see how these predictions evolve and if they align with the actual results. Stay tuned for more updates on the medal count and let the Games begin!

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