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Results for the 2021 AFL State Combines

Here are the impressive fitness test results from the AFL combines held throughout Australia in 2021. In previous years, there was typically a national combine where players from all over Australia were invited, along with state-based combines for the next tier of players. However, due to the circumstances in 2020 and 2021, only state combines were conducted, with all players participating. We have compiled the best state results to showcase the top national draft camp results for 2021.


Testing took place on different dates and at various locations across Australia. The individual camps were held in Victoria Country, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia. Unfortunately, NSW/ACT and VIC metro did not partake in any combine testing, although those athletes did submit their 2km time trial results via the Strava app.

Top Performances

Let’s dive into the standout performances from each state.

20m Sprint Results

South Australia (SA)

  • Harvey Harrison North: 2.845 seconds
  • Hugh Stagg Glenelg: 2.910 seconds
  • Jordan Lukac Eagles: 2.980 seconds
  • Luca Whitelum Central: 3.007 seconds
  • Morgan Ferres Sturt: 3.015 seconds

Western Australia (WA)

  • T. Woewodin: 2.89 seconds
  • L. Polson: 2.9 seconds
  • N. Pegoraro: 2.92 seconds

Victoria Country (VIC Country)

  • Sam Butler (GWV Rebels): 2.970 seconds
  • Tom Brown (Murray Bushrangers): 2.983 seconds
  • Kai Lohmann (GWV Rebels): 2.986 seconds
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2km Time Trial Results

South Australia (SA)

  • Shay Linke Central: 6:22 minutes
  • Luca Whitelum Central: 6:26 minutes
  • Luke Beecken Eagles: 6:34 minutes
  • Harvey Harrison North: 6:37 minutes
  • Alastair Lord Norwood: 6:48 minutes

Western Australia (WA)

  • C.Warner: 6:20 minutes
  • A. Jones: 6:30 minutes
  • M. Johnson: 6:39 minutes
  • B. Watson: 6:39 minutes

Victoria Country (VIC Country)

  • Cooper Hamilton (Bendigo Pioneers): 5:48 minutes
  • Hamish Sinnott (GWV Rebels): 5:58 minutes
  • Mitchell Knevitt (Geelong Falcons): 6:18 minutes


South Australia (SA)

  • Alastair Lord Norwood: 7.94 seconds
  • Cooper Beecken Glenelg: 8.07 seconds
  • Ronald Fejo West: 8.08 seconds
  • Cooper Murley Norwood: 8.20 seconds
  • Hugh Stagg Glenelg: 8.24 seconds

Western Australia (WA)

  • B. Watson: 8.00 seconds
  • M. Johnson: 8.061 seconds
  • J. Motlop: 8.063 seconds

Standing Vertical

South Australia (SA)

  • Leek Alleer Central: 75cm
  • Ronald Fejo West: 70cm
  • Harvey Harrison North: 70cm
  • Jason Horne-Francis South: 66cm
  • Jordan Lukac Eagles: 66cm

Western Australia (WA)

  • C. Warner: 76cm
  • N. Pegoraro: 75cm
  • L. Paton: 73cm

Victoria Country (VIC Country)

  • Tom Brown (Murray Bushrangers): 72cm
  • Sam Butler (GWV Rebels): 71cm
  • Josh Gibcus (GWV Rebels): 68cm

Running Vertical Jump (Best)

South Australia (SA)

  • Leek Alleer Central: 107cm (combine record)
  • Morgan Ferres Sturt: 85cm
  • Jase Burgoyne Eagles: 85cm
  • Cooper Murley Norwood: 82cm
  • Jason Horne-Francis South: 82cm
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Western Australia (WA)

  • C. Warner: 100cm
  • J. Stretch: 93cm
  • C. Warner: 92cm
  • N. Pegoraro: 92cm

Victoria Country (VIC Country)

  • Josh Gibcus (GWV Rebels): 89cm
  • Sam Butler (GWV Rebels): 87cm
  • Jai Serong (GWV Rebels): 86cm


Q: Where were the state combines held?
The state combines took place in various locations across Australia, including Victoria Country, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Q: Did all states participate in the combine testing?
No, NSW/ACT and VIC metro did not undertake any combine testing. However, athletes from those regions did submit their 2km time trial results.

Q: Who holds the combine record for the running vertical jump?
Leek Alleer from Central in South Australia currently holds the combine record with a remarkable 107cm jump.


The 2021 AFL state combines showcased the impressive athleticism and fitness levels of talented players across Australia. These results serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work of these athletes. We look forward to seeing how these top performers contribute to the sport in the future.


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