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Quarterback Combine Testing

The NFL Scouting Combine is an event where prospective NFL players undergo a series of tests and interviews. These tests are designed to evaluate their skills and abilities, regardless of their playing position. However, when it comes to quarterbacks, a highly specialized and demanding position, not all of the combine tests are relevant.

To address this, the crew at ESPN’s Sport Science show created a quarterback combine in 2011. This combine aimed to test the physical and mental skills required for a quarterback in the NFL. Let’s take a look at the different tests included in the quarterback combine.

The QB Tests

  1. Physical measurements: Each prospect’s height, weight, arm length, and hand length were recorded.

  2. Vertical jump: This test measures leg explosion and power. The player jumps off both feet as high as possible.

  3. Mind Games: Quarterbacks need to demonstrate intelligence to understand complex defenses and game situations. In this test, the quarterback had to wave his hand in front of a light while answering a variety of football-related questions. His reaction time to both the light and the questions, as well as the number of correct answers, were evaluated.

  4. Voice Test: Cutting-edge voice analysis was used to evaluate a quarterback’s ability to project during cadence and snap count while instilling calm and confidence within his team.

  5. Acceleration Test: This test measures speed and explosiveness off the line of scrimmage. Instead of the standard 40-yard dash, sensors were set up at regular intervals to determine the exact point at which the quarterback reaches his maximum speed.

  6. Mechanics Test: The quarterback aimed at one of three randomly illuminating rings in this test. It assessed reaction time, release time, arm speed, and accuracy. An eye-tracker was used to calculate the quarterback’s reaction time down to the second.

  7. Touch Test: This test required the quarterback to feather a pass over two rushing defenders into a basket 20 yards away. Accuracy, trajectory, and velocity were assessed.

  8. Ultimate QB Test: This drill was designed to put all of a quarterback’s skills to the test. The quarterback wore FAB sensors to measure biomechanics and had to drop back into a circle of infrared timing gates. As the rusher approached, the timing gates illuminated randomly, indicating which direction the quarterback had to scramble for safety. Once clear of the pocket, he had to throw a pass through a moving target.

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These tests provide a comprehensive evaluation of a quarterback’s physical and mental abilities. By focusing on the unique requirements of the position, the quarterback combine helps teams identify top prospects for the NFL.


Q: What is the NFL Scouting Combine?
A: The NFL Scouting Combine is an event where prospective NFL players undergo a series of tests and interviews to evaluate their skills and abilities.

Q: Why was the quarterback combine created?
A: The quarterback combine was created to address the lack of specific quarterback testing in the NFL Scouting Combine. It aims to test the physical and mental skills required for a quarterback in the NFL.

Q: How are the quarterbacks evaluated in the combine?
A: The quarterbacks are evaluated through a series of tests that measure their physical abilities (such as vertical jump and acceleration) as well as their mental abilities (such as reaction time and decision-making).

Q: Are these tests exclusive to quarterbacks?
A: While these tests are specifically designed for quarterbacks, they can also be applicable to other positions in football. However, they focus on the unique requirements of the quarterback position.


The quarterback combine is a crucial event that helps teams identify the top quarterback prospects for the NFL. By testing their physical and mental abilities, this combine ensures that quarterbacks possess the skills necessary to excel in such a specialized and demanding position. To learn more about the quarterback combine and other football-related topics, visit Auralpressure.