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Punching Speed

Punching speed is an essential factor to consider in boxing and other combat and hitting sports. Measuring punching speed can be done using different methods such as radar guns or video analysis. In this article, we will explore these methods in detail and discuss their procedures and equipment requirements.

Radar Method

Radar devices are commonly used to measure throwing speed in sports. They can also be used to determine the movement speed of the hand during a punch. To conduct this test, the radar should be placed in front of the person being tested, in direct line with the punch. The peak speed of the punch is recorded using the radar device.

Video Analysis Method

Alternatively, video analysis can be used to measure punching speed. This method requires both a distance and time measurement. The camera should be positioned to provide a side view of the boxer, without any panning or zooming.

To measure the distance, a known object of a standard length should be included in the video frame. By measuring the distance the hand moves on the screen and multiplying it by the calibration ratio, the distance can be determined.

To measure the time, the frame rate of the video must be known. This information can be used to calculate the time it took for the hand to move the measured distance.

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It’s important to note that we do not sell the equipment mentioned or provide testing services for punching speed or power.

Similar Tests

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  • Quick Strike Test: Punch a boxing bag as fast and as hard as possible for a set time period.
  • Arm Crank Egometer Test with 2 x 15-second intervals.
  • Plate Tapping Test: Move the hand back and forth between discs as quickly as possible.

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By understanding and measuring punching speed, athletes can track their progress and make improvements in their training. Whether you use radar devices or video analysis, these methods provide valuable insights into an essential aspect of combat sports. For more information and resources on fitness testing and boxing, visit our website.