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Punch Power Test

The Punch Power Test is a widely recognized assessment used in the fitness industry to measure an individual’s maximal punching power. This test has been an integral part of the SPARQ rating system for boxers and has even been featured on the popular TV series, Contender. While does not sell the equipment or provide testing services for punching power, we are here to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this test.

Purpose and Equipment Required

The purpose of the Punch Power Test is to measure an individual’s maximum punching power. To conduct this test, you will require an instrumented 100-pound heavy punching bag, along with a pair of boxing gloves. The specially designed punching bag is equipped to record the force of each strike, allowing for accurate measurements.

Test Procedure and Scoring

During the Punch Power Test, the athlete is given the opportunity to throw six maximal punches against the instrumented punching bag. The peak and average punching power are then recorded. The scoring is based on the force exerted, which is measured in pounds per square inch (psi).

Target Population and References

The Punch Power Test is primarily used in boxing and other combat and hitting sports. It provides valuable insights into an athlete’s power and can aid in performance enhancement. If you are interested in further research on this topic, we recommend reading the article “Development of a boxing dynamometer and its punch force discrimination efficacy” by Smith et al., published in the Journal of Sports Sciences.

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Comments and Recommendations

Finding a punching bag that accurately measures punch power can be challenging. While the “power pad” range of products by Adepta Sport Technologies was once available, it seems that the company is no longer operational. However, StrikeMate, a power/impact system by, is a new and promising option to consider. If you have specific requirements, you may need to explore custom-built solutions.


Q: Is the Punch Power Test suitable for all athletes?
A: The Punch Power Test is primarily designed for boxers and individuals involved in combat and hitting sports.

Q: Can I perform the Punch Power Test without an instrumented punching bag?
A: To accurately measure punching power, it is recommended to use an instrumented punching bag as it provides precise force readings.


The Punch Power Test is a valuable tool for assessing an individual’s maximal punching power. With the help of an instrumented punching bag, athletes can measure their peak and average punching power. This test is primarily used in boxing and other combat sports to enhance performance. While finding the right equipment may be a challenge, exploring options like StrikeMate can help fulfill your requirements. By conducting the Punch Power Test, athletes can gain valuable insights into their power and work towards improving their performance.

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