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Power Clean Repetition Max Test

The power clean repetition max test is a valuable measure of body power. It assesses an individual’s maximum weightlifting capacity using the power clean exercise. Similar to other repetition max tests, this assessment focuses on determining maximum power rather than maximum strength. By utilizing standard weightlifting power exercises, this test provides valuable insights into an individual’s power capabilities.


The purpose of the power clean repetition max test is to measure an individual’s maximum power output. This assessment helps fitness enthusiasts and athletes gauge their body’s power potential.

Equipment Required

To conduct the power clean repetition max test, you will need a range of free weights and a barbell. These easily accessible pieces of equipment can be found in most gymnasiums.

Test Procedure

  1. Pre-Test: Explain the test procedures to the subject and conduct a screening of health risks. Ensure that the subject provides informed consent and record basic information such as age, height, body weight, gender, and test conditions.

  2. Power Clean Technique: After an adequate warm-up, the subject should stand at the bar with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend down and grasp the bar with hands outside the knees, palms facing the body. Make sure the head and neck are in a neutral position with eyes facing forward to avoid rounding of the spine. Lift the weight from the floor by extending the legs while keeping the arms straight. Once the weight reaches the level of the thighs, flex the knees and drop the torso below the bar, catching the weight on the front of the shoulders. Finally, push the weight up to finish in a standing position.

  3. The Test: Start with a test lift at a light weight to assess the correct technique. Then, perform one repetition for each weight in an ascending sequence until the expected maximum lift is reached. Allow at least a couple of minutes for recovery between reps. If a weight is failed, another attempt may be made.

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The maximum weight lifted during the power clean repetition max test is recorded. To standardize the score, it may be useful to calculate a score proportional to the person’s body mass.


The power clean repetition max test offers several advantages, including the readily available equipment in most gymnasiums. Additionally, this test is simple to perform, making it accessible to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts and athletes.


It is crucial to note that the power clean repetition max test should only be performed by experienced weightlifters with proper power clean technique. If an individual is unable to demonstrate correct technique during the warm-up, the test should not proceed.


When interpreting the results of the power clean repetition max test, it’s important to consider that the outcomes may vary based on the specific equipment used. For accurate comparison, it is recommended to use the same equipment for test-retest measures. Additionally, recording and repeating the same warm-up procedure for future testing can ensure consistency. Any variations in technique should be noted on the results sheet for reference during repeated tests.

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Q: How do I perform the power clean repetition max test safely?

To perform the power clean repetition max test safely, it is important to have experience in weightlifting and a good understanding of proper power clean technique. If you are unsure about the correct execution, seek guidance from a qualified trainer or coach.

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Q: Can I use dumbbells for the power clean repetition max test?

While the power clean repetition max test traditionally utilizes a barbell, it is possible to adapt the exercise to use dumbbells. However, keep in mind that the technique and mechanics may differ, so it’s important to ensure proper form and execution.

Q: How can I improve my power clean performance?

To enhance your power clean performance, focus on building strength and explosive power through targeted exercises and resistance training. Additionally, prioritize technique refinement and seek guidance from experienced trainers or coaches.


The power clean repetition max test is a valuable tool for assessing an individual’s maximum power output. By measuring the maximum weight that can be lifted using the power clean exercise, this test provides insights into an individual’s power capabilities. With the proper equipment and technique, this test can be performed safely and effectively.