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Posture Assessment Grid

The posture grid is a valuable tool used for assessing posture. With its clear and easily interpretable grid design, it provides visual cues to identify postural deviations and educate individuals on correct posture. Various designs of posture grids are available, each with unique features to aid in posture correction.

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Baseline Posture Evaluation Set (Grid And Evaluator)

This comprehensive posture assessment set includes a posture evaluator, posture grid, and arthrodial protractor (also available separately). The posture grid and evaluator can be used together or separately to measure and document posture. With this kit, you’ll have all you need to conduct thorough posture evaluations and range-of-motion measurements.

Posture Grid with Grommets

The Posture Grid produced by the National Posture Institute is printed on a lightweight 13 millimeter flexible vinyl with pre-inserted grommets for easy hanging. It measures 33″ x 78″ and weighs 3.0 lb. The grid consists of eight major horizontal lines and one vertical line surrounded by two-inch squares. This grid serves as an excellent standalone posture education tool and can be accommodated in any assessment room without taking up floor space.

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Baseline Posture Evaluator

For more precise posture evaluations, the posture evaluator provides accurate measurements of body or segment alignment. Use the angle pointer to identify and assess posture.

Retractable Posture Grid

The retractable posture grid is a portable and self-contained option for conducting posture exams at remote locations, as well as in offices or homes. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and extends to 80 inches. A convenient carrying case is included for easy transportation.

Posture Grid for Wall

This wall-hanging posture grid serves as a backdrop for posture assessment photographs. It visually demonstrates posture deviations and helps educate clients about proper posture. Please note that the AlignaBod product is no longer available.

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  1. How can I use a posture grid to assess my posture?

    • Answer: A posture grid provides visual cues for identifying postural deviations. By comparing your posture to the grid, you can assess and correct any misalignments.
  2. Are posture grids suitable for use at home?

    • Answer: Yes, there are portable and self-contained posture grids available that can be used at home for posture assessments.
  3. Can a posture grid help improve my posture?

    • Answer: While a posture grid is a valuable tool for assessing posture, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or posture expert for guidance on improving posture.
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The Posture Assessment Grid is a helpful tool for assessing and correcting posture deviations. It provides rapid visual cues and education on proper posture alignment. Available in various designs, the grid is easy to use and interpret. You can purchase these posture grids on Amazon or through other online retailers. Additionally, related pages on our website provide information on posture assessment procedures, waist trainers, health tests, fitness testing products, and more. Take control of your posture and improve your overall well-being today!

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