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Pool Rules

Pool is a beloved game that captivates millions of players worldwide. With various variations and regulations, it has become a popular pastime. Among the different forms, eight-ball and nine-ball pool, originating in the USA, have gained the most recognition and championships.

Eight-ball pool is the more prevalent game, commonly played in local pool halls. Whether as a singles or doubles game, it requires skill, concentration, and strategic thinking to excel. Players utilize cues and 16 balls, including the cue ball, to pot their designated balls and ultimately sink the 8 ball to win the game.

Object of the Game

The objective of pool is to pot all of your designated balls, whether stripes or solids, and then pocket the 8 ball to secure victory. As matches often consist of multiple games, players aim to win as many games as needed for overall success. Balancing attack and safety play, as well as employing tactical strategies, is key to achieving victory.

Players & Equipment

To play pool, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • Table: A standard pool table measures approximately 9 feet by 4.5 feet, although different sizes can also be used.
  • Balls: A total of 16 balls, including a white cue ball, seven striped balls, seven solid balls, and the black 8 ball.
  • Cues: Every player has their own cue, which can be made from materials like wood, carbon fiber, or fiberglass, used for striking the cue ball.
  • Chalk: To enhance control, players often chalk the end of their cue, ensuring optimal contact with the ball.
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In pool, there is no traditional scoring system. The focus is on potting all designated object balls and successfully pocketing the 8 ball. Matches are often played in a “best of” format, where the first player to win a specific number of frames emerges as the victor. For example, in a best-of-nine-frame match, the first player to reach five frames wins.

Winning the Game

In 8 Ball pool, the game can be won in several ways:

  • A player pots all of their designated balls and then legally pockets the 8 ball in their nominated pocket.
  • The opposing player illegally pots the 8 ball before clearing their own set of balls.
  • The 8 ball is knocked off the table by the opposition.

Rules of Pool

Pool rules can vary depending on the country, region, or establishment. However, the World Pool Billiard Association (WPA) has established standardized rules for both amateurs and professionals. Some key rules include:

  • The game starts with the object balls placed in a triangular rack at the lower end of the table, with the 8 ball in the middle of the third row. The white ball is positioned behind the service line.
  • A coin toss determines who gets to choose whether to break in the first game, and subsequently, players take turns breaking.
  • To make a legal break, the player must ensure that at least four balls hit cushions, while the cue ball does not pocket. If the 8 ball is potted on the break, a re-rack can be requested.
  • The first player to pot an object ball continues to pot balls from their designated category (stripes or solids), while the opponent aims to pot the other group.
  • Play alternates between players, with each taking shots until they foul or fail to pot an object ball.
  • Various fouls exist in pool, including failing to hit one’s own object balls, potting the opponent’s object balls, hitting the cue ball off the table, double-hitting the cue ball, pushing the cue ball, or taking a shot out of turn.
  • Once a player has potted all their balls, they must sink the 8 ball. They must designate a specific pocket for the 8 ball and ensure it is pocketed there. Failure to do so results in the opposing player regaining control. Potting the 8 ball in any other pocket forfeits the game.
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Q: How is 8 Ball pool played?
A: In 8 Ball pool, the objective is to pot all of your designated balls, either stripes or solids, and then pocket the 8 ball. The game can be played as singles or doubles, and players take turns to pot balls until one side wins.

Q: What equipment is needed to play pool?
A: To play pool, you will need a pool table, 16 balls (including a cue ball, striped balls, solid balls, and the black 8 ball), cues for each player, and chalk for better cue control.

Q: What happens if the 8 ball is potted before clearing all other balls?
A: If a player pots the 8 ball before legally potting all their designated balls, it is considered a foul, and the opposing player gains control of the table.


Pool is a widely enjoyed game that requires skill, concentration, and strategic thinking. The most popular variations include eight-ball and nine-ball pool, with eight-ball being the more common and recognizable version. The objective is to pot your designated balls and sink the 8 ball. Standardized rules exist, although variations can be found in different regions and establishments. Understanding the rules, having the right equipment, and executing shots with precision are essential for success in pool. So grab a cue, aim for victory, and enjoy the game!

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