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Pole Vault (Athletics)

Pole vault is an exciting track and field event that requires athletes to showcase their leaping abilities by clearing a bar using a long flexible pole made of carbon fiber or fiberglass. It is one of the four major jumping events in athletics, alongside high jump, long jump, and triple jump.

To excel in pole vault, athletes need to possess high running speed. This essential requirement enables them to generate the momentum required to successfully clear the bar. However, mastering the technique takes time and practice. Inexperienced athletes attempting pole vault without proper training can risk damaging the equipment and causing injury.

Choosing the right pole is crucial, and it must be suited to the athlete’s body weight. Manufacturers often include a red band to indicate the recommended range for gripping the pole. Athletes must consider the specific area where the pole bends perfectly to maximize efficiency during the vault.

The winner of the pole vault competition is determined by successfully clearing the highest bar height. Athletes start at their preferred height and have three attempts to clear it. If successful, they advance to the next height, where they have three more attempts. Athletes are eliminated from the competition after three consecutive misses, and their highest cleared height becomes their final result.

Other Jump Events

  • Long Jump: A track and field event where participants attempt to jump the furthest into a sand pit.
  • Triple Jump: A track and field event where participants perform a hop, skip, and jump sequence to cover the longest distance.
  • High Jump: A track and field event where participants aim to jump over the highest bar.
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Similar Sports

  • Fierljeppen: Contestants use a long pole to vault across a canal, also known as Canal Jumping.
  • Pole Climbing: Involves climbing very high wooden poles.

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Q: How important is running speed in pole vault?
A: Running speed is crucial in pole vault as it allows athletes to generate the momentum needed to clear the bar successfully.

Q: Is mastering the technique of pole vault easy?
A: Mastering the technique of pole vault requires extensive practice and time. It is not an easy skill to acquire.

Q: What happens if an athlete fails to clear the bar three times in a row?
A: If an athlete fails to clear the bar three times in a row, they are eliminated from the competition. Their highest cleared height becomes their final result.


Pole vault is an intriguing track and field event that showcases athletes’ ability to clear a bar using a flexible pole. With a focus on running speed and technique, athletes strive to clear increasingly higher heights. Proper pole selection and training are essential to prevent injuries and maximize performance. Other jump events like long jump, triple jump, and high jump share similarities with pole vault. Additionally, sports like Fierljeppen and pole climbing offer similar experiences to pole vaulting. To learn more about pole vault and other track and field events, explore the related pages and world records. Join the excitement of pole vaulting and witness athletes soar to new heights!

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