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Penta Jump (5-Hop Test)

The Penta Jump, also known as the 5-hop test, is an explosive leg power assessment that involves performing five consecutive horizontal jumps, taking off with both legs for each jump. This test is designed to measure the horizontal and vertical power of the legs, with a component of balance and coordination.


The purpose of the Penta Jump is to evaluate the explosive power of the legs while also assessing balance and coordination.

Equipment Required

To perform the Penta Jump, you will need a tape measure to measure the total distance jumped and a flat grassy area. It is important to clearly mark the starting take-off line.

Test Layout

To set up the Penta Jump, stretch out approximately 50 feet of rope or tape measure to mark the hopping direction and aid in recording the jump distance.


The aim of the Penta Jump test is to perform five consecutive double-leg hops as far as possible. Start by standing behind the line with your feet shoulder-width apart. When ready, perform five consecutive broad jumps continuously, using a combination of forward and vertical jumps to maximize the distance. Feel free to use your arms to assist in the explosive movement and maintain balance.


The measurement for the Penta Jump is taken from the take-off line to the nearest point of contact on the landing of the fifth and final jump (back of the heels). Record the longest distance jumped, which is the best of three trials.

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Variations / Modifications

There are a few variations and modifications that can be made to the Penta Jump test. One option is to use a long jump landing pit, where the final jump lands in the sand. This allows the participant to put more effort into the final jump and extend their legs further in front of the body for landing, resulting in higher scores. Additionally, the test can be conducted with any number of consecutive jumps, and there are similar 3-hop and 2-hop jump tests available.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Penta Jump test offers several advantages, including its simplicity and quick execution, requiring minimal equipment. However, it does have a skill component that participants must consider.


Q: Are there any specific techniques that can help improve performance in the Penta Jump test?

A: To optimize your performance in the Penta Jump test, it is essential to focus on explosive leg power and coordination. Practice plyometric exercises and work on strengthening your leg muscles to improve your jumping ability.

Q: Can this test be used for athletes of all levels?

A: Yes, the Penta Jump test can be utilized for athletes of various skill levels. However, it is crucial to ensure proper technique and safety precautions are followed to prevent injuries.

Q: Are there any additional fitness tests related to leg power that I can consider?

A: Yes, there are other fitness tests that assess leg power, such as the standing long jump test, 2-hop jump test, and 3-hop jump test. These tests provide different perspectives on leg power capabilities.

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The Penta Jump, also known as the 5-hop test, is an effective way to measure explosive leg power, balance, and coordination. By incorporating this test into your fitness routine, you can gain insights into your leg power capabilities and track your progress over time. Remember to always prioritize safety and proper technique when performing this test.

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