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Orienteering is an exciting family of sports that challenges participants to navigate through unfamiliar terrain with the help of a map and compass. Developed initially as a military training exercise in Sweden, it has evolved into a competitive sport in its own right. Orienteering combines endurance and navigational abilities, making it both physically and mentally demanding.

Types of Orienteering

Orienteering can be classified into various types, including foot orienteering, car orienteering, canoe orienteering, mountain bike orienteering, mounted orienteering, and ski orienteering. The most popular versions are foot, mountain bike, and ski orienteering. Biathlon orienteering is a unique combination of orienteering and shooting.

The main formats of orienteering are freestyle (classic) style and point orienteering. In freestyle orienteering, participants navigate a predetermined course with a sequence of control points, aiming to complete the course in the shortest time while following the prescribed route. On the other hand, point orienteering focuses on accumulating points by visiting as many control points as possible within a time limit. Participants can choose their own route and each control point has an associated point value.

Orienteering Course

An orienteering course is comprised of multiple control points. Each participant is provided with an orienteering map, typically at a scale of at least 1:10,000, with start, finish, and all control points marked in reference to magnetic north. Participants also carry a thumb or protractor compass to aid in navigation.

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Athletes navigate the course individually against the clock, aiming to visit all control points before reaching the finish point. At each control point, athletes punch a card to indicate their progress and ensure completion of the course. The athlete with the fastest time upon completion is declared the winner.

Orienteering is not currently included in the Olympics, but the World Games serve as the highest level of international competition for the sport.

Similar Sports

  • Rogaining: Cross-country navigation over long distances.
  • Biathlon Orienteering: A combination of orienteering and rifle shooting.
  • Mounted Orienteering: Participants navigate from start to end on horseback, passing through control points.
  • Ski Orienteering: Athletes navigate from start to finish on skis, passing through checkpoints.
  • Underwater Orienteering: Individual and team events where competitors swim an underwater course, following a marked route on a map and using a compass and counter meter.
  • Letterboxing: A sport that combines orienteering, art, and puzzle solving. Participants find small weatherproof boxes hidden in publicly accessible places using clues.
  • Fell Running: Off-road running races, often uphill.
  • GeoCaching: Outdoor treasure hunting activity that combines orienteering and technology.


Q: What is the objective of orienteering?
A: The objective of orienteering is to complete a course by navigating through control points using a map and compass in the shortest time possible.

Q: How is the winner determined in orienteering?
A: The winner in orienteering is determined by the athlete who completes the course with the fastest time.

Q: Is orienteering part of the Olympics?
A: Currently, orienteering is not part of the Olympics. However, the World Games serve as the highest level of international competition for the sport.

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Orienteering is an exciting sport that challenges participants to navigate through unfamiliar terrain using a map and compass. Developed as a military training exercise, it has evolved into a popular competitive sport. With various types and formats, including foot, mountain bike, and ski orienteering, as well as freestyle and point orienteering, there are options for everyone. Orienteering courses are designed with multiple control points, and athletes aim to complete them in the shortest time. While not yet an Olympic sport, orienteering boasts the World Games as its highest level of international competition. So grab your map and compass, and start exploring the world of orienteering!

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