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One Of The World’s First Sports

The act of knocking over pins by rolling a round object towards them has stood the test of time as a challenging and engaging activity. Bowling, one of the oldest sports on record, traces its origins back to the civilization of the ancient Egyptians, with evidence of bowling-type games discovered by archaeologists dating as far back as five thousand years ago.

Although the unique pedigree of bowling may not sound like a recipe for one of modern America’s favorite family pastimes, the game is actually ninety percent derived from ancient Egypt and ten percent derived from nineteenth-century law dodgers. With the addition of turn-of-the-century technology, bowling has evolved into the game we know today.

The game of bowling remained relatively unchanged from its early beginnings until the middle of the nineteenth century. It was during this time that ninepin bowling gained popularity all over Europe and made its way to the United States, where it became a favorite pastime for gamblers. To work around a law that prohibited owning a ninepin bowling alley, gamblers simply added an extra pin to the setup, turning the alleys into tenpin bowling alleys. This modification not only made the game legally acceptable but also added a new level of fun to the sport.

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While ten pins became the standard for the game, the bowling ball itself remained old-fashioned until 1905 when the first rubber bowling ball was introduced. The development of a rubberized plastic compound known as Mineralite in 1914 further transformed the game, enabling faster rolling speeds and greater precision. These advancements gave rise to new styles of bowling techniques, which are still used today by top bowlers and beginners alike.

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