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NFL Draft Combine Testing

As part of the NFL draft camp testing event – officially known as the National Invitational Camp (NIC) – prospective players are invited to participate in interviews with teams and a comprehensive physical, medical, and psychological testing program. Since its inception in 1979, scouting testing has been an integral part of the selection process, culminating in the first official combine in 1982 where players and team scouts gathered to witness prospects showcase their skills.

Physical Testing

At the combine, players go through a series of physical tests to assess their athletic abilities. Position-specific drills are designed for each prospect, focusing on the skills required for their specific position. While the results of these drills often take a backseat to fitness test numbers, they provide valuable insights into the players’ on-field capabilities.

Skill Testing

In addition to physical tests, skill testing is also a crucial component of the combine. One notable drill is the one-on-one pass coverage, which allows scouts to evaluate a player’s ability to defend against a receiver in a simulated game situation.


To gain a deeper understanding of a player’s non-physical capabilities, aptitudes, and strengths, psychological assessments are conducted. These assessments include the renowned Wonderlic test, which measures various competencies like learning styles, decision-making skills, and core intellect. Additionally, a new comprehensive player assessment tool has been introduced to provide a more robust evaluation of a player’s psychological profile.

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A thorough medical evaluation is conducted to assess the players’ current injuries and injury histories. This evaluation includes X-rays and physical examinations, especially for players with pre-existing injuries. Prospects are also required to undergo a drug screening, testing for substances that are prohibited in the NFL. Functional movement screenings and balance and jump tests have been incorporated to gather more information about a player’s physical capabilities and potential injury risks.


Q: What is the purpose of the NFL Draft Combine Testing?
A: The NFL Draft Combine Testing serves as a comprehensive evaluation process for prospective NFL players. It allows teams to assess players’ physical abilities, skills, psychological attributes, and medical history, aiding in the decision-making process during the draft.

Q: Are the results of the psychological assessments confidential?
A: Yes, the results of both the Wonderlic test and the new player assessment tool remain confidential. They are intended solely for the evaluation and assessment of the players by NFL teams.


The NFL Draft Combine Testing is a crucial event in the pre-draft process, where prospective players undergo a series of physical, skill, psychological, and medical evaluations. These tests provide valuable insights into the players’ abilities, helping teams make informed draft decisions. By combining these assessments, NFL teams can select players who not only possess the necessary physical talents but also exhibit the mental and psychological attributes essential for success in the league.

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