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Myotest: A Comprehensive Fitness Testing Device

The Myotest is a wireless hand-held device designed to provide quantitative measures of an athlete’s muscular performance. Weighing just a few ounces, this compact device offers a range of testing capabilities in a quick and efficient manner. Utilizing three-dimensional accelerometry, the Myotest accurately assesses an athlete’s power, strength, and speed in just five minutes.

What sets it apart?

The Myotest stands out for its ability to measure various parameters essential for fitness testing. These include power (watts), contact time (ms), force/strength (newton), flight time (ms), velocity/speed (cm/s), muscle stiffness, reactivity, and power/speed training zones. With these measurements, athletes can easily track their progress and tailor their training programs accordingly.

How does it work?

The Myotest utilizes three-dimensional accelerometry to track an athlete’s body movement in all directions. By analyzing changes in speed and direction, the device calculates crucial fitness parameters such as flight time, power, and repetitions. For example, during a vertical jump test, the Myotest accurately determines the start and peak points of the jump to calculate the jump height.

Additionally, the device provides strength assessments using the one-repetition maximum (1RM) method. By attaching the Myotest to the bar, athletes can measure their maximal lifting capacity based on the speed of each lifting series.

Versatility and Limitations

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The Myotest serves as a convenient all-in-one fitness testing device. However, for individuals seeking more specialized and detailed results, traditional apparatus and specific testing techniques may offer more transparency and possibly greater reliability. It’s important to consider your specific testing needs before choosing the Myotest as your go-to option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Myotest be used for vertical jump testing?
A: Yes, the Myotest is suitable for assessing vertical jump height. By accurately tracking body movement, it calculates the start and peak of the jump to determine the height.

Q: What fitness parameters can the Myotest measure?
A: The Myotest can measure a range of parameters, including power, contact time, force/strength, flight time, velocity/speed, muscle stiffness, reactivity, and power/speed training zones.

Q: Is the Myotest suitable for all athletes?
A: The Myotest is designed to cater to athletes of varying fitness levels and disciplines. Its versatility allows for widespread usage across different sports and training programs.


The Myotest is a wireless handheld device that provides comprehensive fitness testing for athletes. With its ability to measure multiple parameters such as power, strength, and speed, it offers valuable insights into an athlete’s performance. While it serves as an all-in-one solution, individuals may opt for more specialized testing equipment for specific assessments. Choose the Myotest for a portable and convenient fitness testing experience.

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