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Mid-Thigh Girth

Girth measurements play a crucial role in assessing body composition and muscle distribution. One such measurement is the Mid-Thigh Girth, which involves measuring the circumference of the thigh at its midpoint. This measurement provides valuable insights into the underlying musculature and adipose tissue.


The primary purpose of the Mid-Thigh Girth measurement is to evaluate changes in tissue composition and the distribution of muscle and fat. By combining girth measurements with skinfold measurements, a clearer picture of overall body composition can be obtained.

Equipment Required

To perform the Mid-Thigh Girth measurement, you will need a flexible metal tape measure and a pen suitable for marking the skin. It is important to periodically check the accuracy of a plastic or cloth tape against a metal tape, as the former may stretch over time.


When performing the Mid-Thigh Girth measurement, the subject should stand upright with their weight evenly distributed on both feet. Legs should be slightly apart, and the measurement is taken on the lateral (outer side) surface of the thigh. The tape should be positioned midway between the top of the thigh bone (trochanterion) and the top of the tibia bone (tibiale laterale). It is crucial to ensure that the tape is not too tight or too loose, lying flat on the skin and held horizontally.

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Reliability and Advantages

Factors that may affect the reliability of the Mid-Thigh Girth measurement include changes to the testing personnel, consistent tension on the tape, and accurate landmarking. However, this test is advantageous due to its low cost and ease of self-testing.

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Q: How can I perform the Mid-Thigh Girth measurement on myself?
A: To measure your Mid-Thigh Girth accurately, follow the procedure mentioned earlier. Ensure the tape is not too tight or loose, lies flat on your skin, and is held horizontally. Remember to stand erect with your weight evenly distributed on both feet.

Q: Can I wear clothing while taking the Mid-Thigh Girth measurement?
A: Ideally, it is recommended to remove clothing over the measurement site to ensure proper tape positioning and accurate circumference determination. However, if removing clothing is not possible, make sure to account for any additional thickness when taking the measurement.

Q: Are there any precautions I need to take before performing the Mid-Thigh Girth measurement?
A: Before measuring your Mid-Thigh Girth, familiarize yourself with the test procedures and ensure you have the necessary equipment. Record basic anthropometric information such as age, height, body weight, and gender. Remember to mark the site to be measured and follow the correct anatomical landmarks for accurate results.

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The Mid-Thigh Girth measurement is a valuable tool for assessing body composition and identifying changes in muscle and fat distribution. By combining girth measurements with skinfold measurements, a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s physical makeup can be obtained. This low-cost and easily performed test provides valuable insights into overall health and fitness. To accurately perform the Mid-Thigh Girth measurement, follow the recommended procedures and ensure the tape is positioned correctly. Remove clothing if possible and be consistent with each measurement to track progress effectively.

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