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Maximum Bench Press Test

In a set weight maximum bench press test, individuals perform as many bench presses as they can at a specific weight. This type of test is commonly used in the NBA pre-draft camp fitness test and the NFL combine testing. It is designed to measure the maximum strength endurance of the chest muscle groups. The equipment required for this test includes a bench with safety measures, a standard Olympic bar, and various free weights up to 225 lbs.

Weight: The weight used in pre-season draft testing combines varies depending on the sport. The NBA uses 185 lbs, the NHL uses 150 lbs, and the NFL uses 225 lbs. The SPARQ rating system for football uses 185 lbs.

The test begins with an appropriate warm-up procedure, which typically involves push-ups and gradually increasing the weight lifted. The individual lies in a supine position on the bench with their feet flat on the floor and their upper and lower back in contact with the bench throughout the test. The bar is grasped at a width approximately 6 inches wider than shoulder-width apart, with the elbows at right angles at the lowest point. The lift is counted from the starting position with the weight directly above the chest, down to the chest, and back to the starting position. The movement should be controlled and smooth, with the weight remaining in line with the nipples. Bouncing off the chest is not allowed for safety reasons.

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The test ends when the individual can no longer complete a repetition. The maximum number of full repetitions successfully completed is recorded as the individual’s score. This test provides a simple and readily available method for measuring upper body strength. However, it should only be performed by individuals experienced in performing the bench press lift with proper technique. Technique plays a significant role in maximizing the score, and using weights that are too light or too heavy may not accurately reflect the individual’s strength.

It is recommended to have a spotter present at the head of the bench throughout the test for safety. The results of this test may be specific to the equipment used, so it is best to use the same equipment for test-retest measures. Variations of this test include using a set percentage of the participant’s body weight or a set cadence with a metronome.

The Test in Action

This type of test is commonly used in the NBA pre-draft camp fitness test and the NFL combine testing. It was also once part of the Football (Gridiron) SPARQ Rating.

Similar Tests

  • Brockport Bench Press: The individual performs as many bench presses as possible using a 35lb (15.9kg) barbell.
  • Relative Bench Press Test: The individual performs the maximum number of bench presses using a percentage of their body weight.
  • Cadence Bench Press Test: The athlete lifts 70-80% of their body weight, predetermined, using free weights in time with a metronome (similar to the NHL combine protocol).
  • Another Max Bench Press Test at a Set Cadence.
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