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Lawn Football: A Unique and Exciting New Sport

Lawn Football

Are you tired of the same old sports? Looking for something fresh and exciting? Look no further than Lawn Football! Created by Christian Ulunta and Jonathan Ulunta from Nigeria in 2010, this innovative sport has gained popularity for its unique gameplay and individualistic approach. Let’s take a closer look at this thrilling new sport and what it has to offer.

Description of Lawn Football

Lawn Football is primarily an individual game, played in a foot tennis format. Each player must return the ball to their opponent in a counter-kick contest during a game. The game is played on a 14 by 6-meter court, either on grass or cement. There is no center net, but rather a 5-meter bounce restriction yard. The ball must bounce only once on a player’s side before it is returned, and a player has the right to only five touches before returning the ball. In a single match, each player is allowed 20 services, totaling 40 services overall.

The Court

Lawn Football can be played on any surface where the ball can bounce, but the standard for international viewing games is grassed land, whether natural or artificial. The court dimension is 14m x 6m, and the game is played with a size 4 football. Players can wear any good jersey of their choice, and they even have the option to have their names written on the back of the jersey.

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Rules & Structure

While Lawn Football is primarily an individual game, it also has a team aspect to it. In open tournaments, players must also belong to a particular relay team or club. The game is structured like tennis, with three sets or sections of action in a full match. Each player gets five services, making it a total of 30 services for a full game. The game should not exceed one hour, even if the total services are not completed.

In the team game format, three players play on each side, and there must be no double participation in a match. This version of Lawn Football is called “Lawn Football Relay.” Each player must belong to a LFR club or team. During a match, players rotate on a substitution basis, with each player allotted 10 services. The game period remains 60 minutes, divided into two halves. Regardless of the game’s duration, all 60 services must be served.

Before a match begins, teams must confidentially submit a Substitution Time List (STL) to the match officials, ensuring opponents do not have prior knowledge of a coach’s scheduling for each player.

Rules & Points

To score a point, a player must make successful returns that land in the opponent’s receiving yard. Points are scored against players when they fail to return the ball or if the ball bounces more than once in their receiving yard. Disqualification from the game can occur for gross rudeness to the officials, although players are allowed to fight for their rights in a respectful manner.


Q: How is Lawn Football different from traditional football or tennis?
A: Lawn Football combines elements of both sports, creating a unique and exhilarating experience. It involves individual gameplay like tennis, with a focus on counter-kicking the ball, similar to football.

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Q: Can Lawn Football be played on different surfaces?
A: Yes, Lawn Football can be played on any surface where the ball can bounce. Grassed land, whether natural or artificial, is the standard for international viewing games.

Q: Is Lawn Football suitable for all ages?
A: Absolutely! Lawn Football can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. It’s a fun and inclusive sport that anyone can try.


Lawn Football offers a refreshing and exciting alternative to traditional sports. With its foot tennis format, unique court dimensions, and individualistic gameplay, it brings a new level of thrill to the world of sports. So why not give Lawn Football a try? Visit Auralpressure to learn more about this innovative sport and get involved today!

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